Tuesday 6 November 2012

Autumn Picks / Top Lipsticks

Following on from my Autumn Picks / Top 3 Blushers post I wanted to share my top Lipstick picks. I managed to keep this down to 5 lip products which was surprisingly easy.

My top 5 Autumn Lipsticks are..

Right I know the title says lipsticks but my first pick is in fact a gloss, Clarins Nude Delhi. It's from Clarins Summer collection but even then I mentioned it looked more of an A/W shade. It's a beautiful mix of mauve/brown shade with gold shimmer running through it. The colour is so pretty I wanted to take a close up so you could see how pretty it looks in the tube.

Whilst we are on the brown/nude shades my next top pick goes to Topshop Rumour Has It. This is great if you're not a big lipstick wearer but still want to feel Autumnal, this is a pretty natural tan shade which looks great with a smokey/plum eye.

The newest to my lipstick collection was from the October Glossybox, by the brand Yves Rocher Mauve. I love the smell and the formulation is creamy and very pigmented. For me this is the perfect Autumnal shade. It is on the deep side and I tend to apply this with a light hand and then dab the lipstick into my lips.

Probably one of my oldest lippies but still a firm favourite is Macs Plum, this is discontinued now but it's your classic deep plum shade. I formulation is long lasting and not drying on the lips,

My final top pick goes to Revlon Crush, whilst this isn't a lipstick it resembles a lipstick. it's one of their popular kissable lip balm stains. I love this shade and out of all the top picks I would say this is probably my most worn one, it looks lovely on the lips with Clarins Nude Delhi over the top.

Crush / Mauve / Rumour Has It / Plum / Nude Delhi

Do you have any of these in your makeup stash? What do you think of the shades?

What are your Autumn Lip shades?

Sherrie xo


  1. You've made me want to add Crush to my KLBS collection! :) xo

  2. I'm really loving the look of Revlon Crush - looks like the perfect autumn stain, as Sophia says above I really want it now! X

  3. Revlon Crush looks really nice, is it drying? I have some of the lip butters by Revlon and they don't moisturise my lips at all so I'm worried this will be even worse.


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