Thursday 4 October 2012

Get Lenses / Colorblends Review

I was recently contacted and asked if I would like to review two pairs of coloured lenses from the company Get Lenses. I've never worn a contact lens in my life, so I jumped at the chance. I was kindly sent the Colorblends in Blue and Green. My natural eye colour is a mix up between hazel/green. Some days they look more green and others they look more hazel. I like the blue and the green lenses, the green lenses look amazing on and really do intensify my own natural eye colour.

I like how the Colorblends are more natural and not so intense looking making them very natural.
They're designed to naturally enhance your natural eye colour making them more wearable in my opinion. I know for sure I would and will be wearing both pairs. For a novice like myself it did taker a few goes to pop them in but after a couple tries I soon got the hang of them. I couldn't wear them for long on my 1st attempt but on my second my eyes soon adjusted and got use to them. Luckily my husband wears contacts so he was able to give me so tips and direction.

*Please excuse the messy brows, they were not co-operating that day!*

You can purchase the Colorblends online

What do you think of the Colorblends? Do you wear contact lenses? Would you wear these?

Sherrie xoxo


  1. The green look gorgeous on you! I think I'm going to stick to my clear lenses for now, as I already get people asking if I wear coloured lenses, so don't really need to! x

  2. Ooh these are cute, not as intense as expected, but still nice :)

    Sophierosehearts x

    1. Yes, you can get the more intense striking ones as well. i think these are more wearable for everyday. However I would still like to try the intense ones! x

  3. very natural and striking at the same time! loving the green ones
    liloo/@tsunimee xx

    1. Thank you! The green ones are my fav as well! x


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