Monday 2 July 2012

The Perfect Duo- Palmer's Natural Bronze & Olive Body Butter

 Dispite the weather being a but 'meh' I've been using a gradual tanner which has become my HG gradual tanner! I will be stocking up on this next time I'm at the shops. It's the Palmer's Natural Bronze. I've not tried many gradual tanners so can only compare it to the popular Johnson's Holiday Skin. I stopped using that because I hated the formulation and the scent wasn't all that pleasing in my opinion. Since then I've been using self-tans and wash off tans for special nights out. However after seeing the new Palmer's Instant Bronze I thought it would be a good one try, I'm a fan of the original Cocoa Butter so had I high hopes. I can confidently say these high hopes where met.

The texture is a delight, It's like applying the original Cocoa Butter. It's very hydrating with a special blend of pure cocoa butter and Vitamin E. The only negative I can think and to be honest it's not really a big negative more of a personal niggle. The lotion is not tinted so you can't see where you're applying it, be careful when your applying it around your ankles and toes, and be sure to wash your hands! Other than that I would say this gets top marks all round.
After the first application I woke up the following morning already bronzed. It was very natural and not as deep as some self-tans but it was definitely noticeable, much more than I remember the Johnson's Holiday Skin being after 1 application. You can build this and decide whether you want a fair, medium or dark glow. I have a lovely natural medium glow which looks lovely. The scent is a yummy mix of vanilla and chocolates. I've been using this every other day using the Palmer's Olive Body Butter inbetween. I've never tried anything from their Olive range so I was excited and intrigued to try it.

The Palmer's Olive Body Butter comes in a traditional tub like the majority of body butters. I'm so glad I've tried this, it smells different from anything I've tried but in a good way. Rich in antioxidants, certified Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Pure Olive Butter and Vitamin E. All these ingredints make this formulation VERY hydrating and nourishing. This is great for very dry/aging skin, it contains a unique anti-ageing peptide complex which helps to increase skin's firmness and elasticity. The body butter melts into the skin, the big wining factor for me is the texture - Rich and thick which I love. It doesn't leave a shinny greasy film on the skin which I hate. I'm really keen to try other products from this range now.

Palmer's is available in most supermarkets, but your best bet is probably Feel Unique, Boots or Superdrug!
Boots currently have the Instant Bronze 1/2 price, I will definitely be picking up 2 of these as back ups. So if you're thinking of giving this a go I would say this would be a great chance, only £2.67.

I'm keen to try more of the Palmer's range, I like the sound of the Shea & Coconut Body Butters and the Cocoa Body Scrub! Not to mention their hair treatments.

Have any of you tried either of these?

Sherrie xoxo


  1. I've not tried either of these, but I am very tempted to try the gradual tanner, I've tried the Johnson's one in the past but didn't love it, like you, I wasn't too keen on the smell.
    I have about 7 body butters at the moment, think I need to stop and use them before I buy more! x
    Sirens and Bells

  2. The Palmers Olive Oil Body Butter sounds amazing, I love their Cocoa one :)

  3. @Katy- Yep sounds like me, I have a heap of body lotions and butters. I seem to get through them quickly though because my skin gets dry quickly. x

    @EVELYN- It smells amazing and my skin drinks it up! I would 100% repurchase! x

  4. I love the gradual tanner and it smells lush :)


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