Friday 13 July 2012

Monthly Empties

I've been working my way through half empty bottles of perfume, body lotions and hair products and boy does it feel good to see what I've used up. Mind you, it's not made a dent in my silly stash of stuff! But I will continue to plough through my body lotions and hair products! Is it just me or is it extremely hard to use up makeup? Maybe that's because I have so much?
Anyway here's my monthly empties, I don't like to categorise them into which particular month because I just finished my Steam Cream off beginning of this week so that's been popped into my empties bag. Then once photographed I either recycle the packaging or throw the items in the bin and then pop my bag back in it's space by my unit and work through my products again until I have a healthy lot to blog about.

  1. Soap & Glory 'Off Your Face' Cleansing Wipes I had this left over from the xmas set I bought a while ago. They're not anything special, I actually hated the smell of these and I wouldn't repurchase them!
  2.  Blistex Relief Cream I love this lip treatment but hate the packaging! It end up splitting when you're almost at the end. Plus if you squeeze too much it has a tendency of just oozing out whenever you take the cap off. I have repurchased this in the past. This is probably my 3rd tube but I have been using their Intensive moisturiser which comes in a nice friendly plastic tube! So for the moment I won't be repurchasing the Relief Cream. 
  3. L'Occitane Shea Butter Hand Cream was a little sample I had from a blog competition I one ages ago and finally got round to using this up. It was in my little bedside pot being the perfect size. I'm a big L'Occitane fan and I'd heard rave reviews about their hand creams so thought this was going to be great! But to be honest it didn't impress me much, the texture was nice and thick but the scent wasn't anything and I like my hand creams to smell nice. I wouldn't buy the full size.
  4. Lush Snow Fairy is one of my all time favourite body washes, I'm sure lots of you love the scent and like me stock up at Christmas time! I always buy the big full size 500g so it lasts a nice time. This particular bottle just seemed to last be for such a long time, I've repurchased this over the years and will no doubt be repurchase this again when they come back out. 
  5. Angel by Theirry Mugler is one of my favourite scents, I love the strong sweet heady scent. I have repurchased this over the years and already have a new one which I've now started using. This time though I opted for the refillable star which did cost a bit more but thought it's probably worth it in the long wrong.
  6. New CID Cosmetics i-Flutter Mascara made a really good impression on me the first few times i tried it but I found it didn't last long and tried up really quickly? Has anyone else tried this mascara and thought the same? I'm not sure if I would repurchase, I can't make up my mind.
  7. Agent Provocateur Body Lotion was one of my favourite scents a while ago and I bought the perfume and body lotion in a set. I finally got round to using up the lotion and have to say I've totally gone of this now and would not repurchase.
  8. Soap & Glory The Daily Smooth Body Butter has without a doubt become one of my staple body butters. I did love the Soap & Glory Butter Up but sadly this is now discontinued so I was happy to learn this hasn't and is still available. I actually have another one of these which is almost empty so I would probably end up in my next post but I wont bore you again next month. basically if you love thick body butters but don't like them in the traditional tubs they come in then this would be perfect for you because of the handy no mess tube! this is my second bottle and like I said I have a 3rd which is nearly empty.
  9. Ojon Dry Recovery Shampoo & Conditioner was great when i used them but now I've used them up I'm not sure if I would repurchase. They smell amazing and the conditioner is lovely so maybe I would just repurchase that? Not sure.
  10. SteamCream smells very calming and relaxing but this is not suited for my face, I ended up using this for my legs and arms. It's great to use in the evening after a bath or shower, it really helps relax and calm you before bed. This was a limited edition design which came in the Carmine Beauty box and was a full size! Oh how I miss Carmine :(
  11. Lush Vanilla Dee-Lite Body Lotion smelt nice enough and did the job of hydrating my skin but this just wasn't thick enough for me. I think I'm a real body butter fan. If you don't like thick heavy body butters this would be a great one for you try. It's a nice subtle fruity vanilla scent which isn't over the top. This was 250g and lasted me a fair while, mind you I was using up other lotions in between so not sure it would've lasted ages. Having said that it did leave my skin very soft and supple. The lotion is runny so you don't need a lot. I wouldn't repurchase this.
Blimey! That's a fair few empties this month! It's so satisfying seeing how much I've used up!Let's hope I manage to use up a fair bit again!

Have you made a dent in your stash yet?

Sherrie xoxo


  1. I had the wipes at Christmas too and don't remember being all that impressed by them. Blisties is so good but I agree, the packaging can be annoying! I've only used up a few things in my stash, but my stash isn't all that large! Xo

  2. Great post, I also find it really hard to use up make-up! I can usually get through lipglosses and mascaras, but everything else is tough!
    I also miss the Carmine box :( x

  3. My god you've used up so much! I'm terrible at actually getting to the bottom of products, I get pretty close but then bin it! :)

  4. Wow! You finished all these in a month? You go girl! I'm lucky if I finish one item each month.

  5. I really want to try more Ojon products! So far only tried the dry shampoo which I won in a giveaway! xo


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