Friday 13 July 2012

Ginvera / Jade Dark Circles Roll Away

I first heard of Ginvera when SheSaidBeauty featured a sample of their Green Tea Nude Cover BB cream. You can see my review of the BB cream here, this made such a big impression on me and I've not found another BB cream to meet its match. This is fab- end of!
Ginvera was founded all the way from Singapore and newly launced in the UK, they have a range of skincare products suitable for all skin types. Their main key ingredient if you haven't already guessed is Green Tea! I've been trying two of their products and will be reviewing the Jade Dark Circles Roll Away treatment today. If you're a regular reader of my blog you'll know how much I detest my dark circles, they have haunted me ever since my teens and I blame my Mum. I've come to except the fact these are with me for the long haul.


The roller ball takes a little getting use to but soon becomes easy enough. Once you place it at the correct angle to disperse the product, you then massage the product using the roller ball into the eye area. It feels amazingly cool on the skin as you can imagine, that's probably down to the roller ball and the cool formulation of the product. It's great for eye bags and puffiness, crows feet and fine lines. It claims to firm the eye contour which I would agree. The skin around my eye area is very hydrated and firm. My under eye concealer lasts longer and looks better. I've been using this mainly in the evenings, but it's suitable for day and night use.

You can see a list of the ingredients and other products on the range online 

Sadly at this moment in time I still have my dark circles as evident as ever. But like I said that's fine, mine are hereditary, where as some dark circles aren't so this could well help lighten and brighten yours.
The roller ball is hygienic, no dipping your finger in a pot. Great for travelling and popping in your handbag, if you're having a tiring day it helps refresh and relax you.
It contains Jade which helps to nourish, dissolve toxins and improve circulation. Other ingredients in the roller ball include ginseng, olive oil, whitening herbs, pomelo, royal jelly as well as more. So you could say this roller ball is packed full of nutrients for the skin and body.

The price is very good 15ml £22.00 is very reasonable. I've been known to spend four times that amount on an eye cream before.

Have you heard of Ginvera? Keep a look out for my Ginvera Marvel Gel review coming up soon!

Sherrie xoxo

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  1. green tea in a under the eyes rolling ball device: genius. i am going to need that in my life xx
    liloo/@tsunimee xx


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