Friday 13 April 2012

O.P.I - Holland Collection SS/12

Whilst I don't have the longest of nails I do like to paint them and make them look pretty! I've been trying something new to help them grow a little longer but that's for another post coming soon.

I'm sure you've seen the stunning Holland Collection by O.P.I, a mix of creamy & shimmer finishes. I'm a true pastel cream finish junkie and love this collection. I have some lovely photos to show off Thanks a Windmillion and Kiss Me On My The Tulips

Thanks a Windmillion is a rich creamy sea green, because of the cream finish this shade is muted and toned down. As for the formula it was spot on, only 2 coats needed which is always handy when you're in a rush. I wore this out for a party we went to and even went with matching toes!

Kiss Me On My Tulips is a vibrant hot pink shade with a rich creamy finish. This is amazing with a tan and perfect for the toes. I can see this becoming my go to summer polish. Again the formula was spot on and only 2 coats needed!

Have you tried any of the shades from the Holland Collection? 

Sherrie xoxo

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