Sunday 25 March 2012

Topshop Makeup - Spring/Summer 2012

Hello peeps, I hope you're all enjoying the sunshine and having a nice weekend. Seeings as the sun is shining I thought it would be the perfect time to show you some new shades from the Topshop Core Collection for this Spring/Summer. For those of you who haven't heard or seen Topshop makeup before, you'll be in for a lovely surprise. Topshop have a great selection of core products, some of which are permanent. Topshop makeup has cute packaging and very distinctive, I personally like the packaging and think it makes the products less intimidating unlike other brands. The new shades they've added are based on the latest trends, so if you would like to create these looks then keep reading...

Topshop have added new colours drawing in on their transitional fashion trends, and using these for inspiration for shades. From hot spots in London, New York and Tokyo, to the beaches of Rio and the newest of LA hang outs.

Topshop Makeup takes direct reference from clothing this season. The collection is as much about playing with texture as colour, with transparent sheer shades and matt velvety finishes. Colour palettes resemble a sweet shop, with lolly pop shades in candy pink and orange crush, flashes of fluoro and metallic hues. 

Lizzie Dawson, Topshop Makeup Designer

Lips- Rumour Has It
This lipstick is such a pretty every day shade which can be worn very easily, I would describe it as a rose nude. Topshop say it's a dusty rose which is probably right. It has a pretty sheen finish to it and looks very pretty on the lips, I love the name!

Lip Stick- Hedonist
When I first saw this shade I was actually excited to try it, I'm not shy to try bold bright colours on the lips. I love wearing bright lips and very plain eyes, I'm also a fan of matt finish on the lips. Topshop describe Hedonist as a Fluro Orange and as you can tell from the swatch below and also my photo you'll probably agree. I've worn this a few days now with lashings of mascara and also Neon Rose cream blush on the cheeks. 

Nails- Mermaid  
 This has to be one of the most prettiest polishes I own, it is a beautiful mix of sea greens and blues with a beautiful wave of gold! When the sunlight hits the polish it looks blueish but in the shade it's green. It changes all the time, just like the sea! So when I read the name- Mermaid I thought yep I couldn't have picked a better name myself. It has a lovely metallic finish to it and literally glistens with magic.

I don't think you need me to tell you which lip stick swatch is which here? Ha ha.

You can view Topshops Core Collection online here.

I would really love to try the Highlighter next SUNBEAM, have you seen this? It looks bloody stunning! 

*Pr Samples, these are my own personal honest opinions as always*

What trends have you been embracing and wearing lately?

Sherrie xoxo

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