Friday 9 March 2012

New Stella McCartney fragrance - L.I.L.Y.

Stella McCartney has done it again! She has launched a new perfume called L.I.L.Y. The name is her father's nickname for her mother, 'Linda I Love You'. The lily of the valley notes symbolise Stella's wedding bouquet whilst the very feminine bottle is reminiscent of the English Cut Crystal vases and the ornate frames from her grandmother's home. It's very interesting learning about the history and the thoughts behind the fragrance, this perfume is very true to Stella's heart and you could say it's a piece of her.

After being smitten with the original Stella fragrance I'm very eager to have a very lady like 'sniff' of L.I.L.Y. when I'm next at the perfume counter. Just reading about the fragrance makes me excited. This would make the perfect Mother's Day gift and would make any bride head of heels I'm sure.


Stella McCartney describes it:

L.I.L.Y is a journey through the senses. It begins with the smell of a spring morning, dapped sunlight through the trees, a vision of delicate lily of the valley. It is the passage of time across a forest floor. The touch of moss and the darker intensity of truffles. More masculine and earthy, but still seductive and sensual. The bottle, inspired by English cut-crystal vases, is encased in a double, silver metallic frame. The frame, like picture frames collecting memories. A meeting of vintage glassware and modern art where the facetted glass reflections take on the light grey-pink brilliance of the fragrance within.


Top Notes:

Black Truffle, Black Pepper

Heart Notes:

Lily of the Valley, Pink Pepper, White Musk

Base Notes:

Oak Moss, Patchouli


You can purchase L.I.L.Y. online from prices start from £44.00


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