Monday 13 February 2012

diego dalla palma

If you are an avid beauty lover then I'm sure you've heard about the new brand diego dalla  palma which is being stocked at Tesco's beauty Hall and online. Whilst it is new to Tesco's it's not actually a new brand, the brand first came around in the mid-seventies and immediately made an impact in Milan.

After reading about the brands history and their mission it's very much evident that deigo dalla palma really urge women to be experimental and not to be affriad to use colour and try something different. This is also shown by their extensive range of products. Foundations, powders, blush, eye liner, shadow, mascara, lipstick and liners are but a few products to name. Sadly I don't have a Tesco's Beauty hall near me but it's refreshing to know you can buy online. You can always search a product and shade on the internet if you are unsure. The packaging is nice and sleek and has been compared to high brand quality such as Mac.

I wanted to share a few images with you guys showing you the products available, don't the liners look amazing!

I love the look of these 3 shades particulary the first one, I really wish maybe this year I can break out of using light nudes and peaches! I think I need do rock some bright shades this Summer!

Products which stand out for me have to be their lipsticks, makeup fixer, Semi-permanent mascara, eye brow pencil and the eyeshadows/pencils.

You can view their collection online here and also follow them on facebook for up to date product launches and tips. I'm excited to see the S/S 2012 collection. Bright bold and beautiful!


Thanks for reading!

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