Sunday 1 January 2012

Sleek & Chic Hair For NY


I hope you all had a nice evening whatever you decided. I myself enjoyed staying in, I'm not a big NY's fan. I celebrated by take away & a glass of bubbly with the hubby!

I just wanted to write up a quick post showing you how good Halo-Hair extensions are. I've dyed them, straightened them, curled them and then decided last night I wanted to straighten them again so thought this would be a great chance to show you how simply they are to style.


All I used to straighten my halo extensions where my trusty Deman Strawberry scented brush, heat protectant spray I used Lee Stafford ( smells amazing!) and my hair straighteners.


You can straighten the extensions once you've clipped them in but I choose to give them a nice spray of heat protectant and then give them a proper straighten before clipping them in.


Brush through the extensions to rid them of any knots and soften them up.


Then spray some heat protectant spray from a little distance, try not to add too much product to the hair. Treat them like you would your own. Brush through once more and then straighten.


The quality of the extensions are fantastic and I would really recommend these if your thinking about buying some for the new year. They are a great investment and as long as you look after them they will last you a very long time. You can follow Halo-Hair on twitter and Facebook so get tweeting and messaging them as they are very friendly and helpful.

So from sexy waves to sleek chic...



The hair looks and feels so glossy and soft, sorry about the flash photo the hair extensions aren't red but dark brown like they appear in the previous photos!

With Spring to look forward to I really fancy going up a shade or two, I would really like to have a few lighter browns in my hair. I quite fancy a warmer chocolate maybe caramel shade. What do you all think?


Have you tried Halo-Hair Extensions?

Sherrie xoxo

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