Monday 2 January 2012

New Year & another new Yankee Candle

If you follow me on twitter then you'll know I bought some great bargains in the January sales. Some of which where some Yankee Candles! I am a true Yankee Candle devotee now and won't waste my money on any other candles now. Even though people think they are expensive i totally disagree because by the time you buy a scented candle for a few quid and burn it the scent only lasts a short time and the wax is burnt down so quickly! Since burning my Christmas Rose over the festive holidays my house has smelt beautiful. You can rely on them to fragrance your house every time you light them. Just a little tip, when you want to test out the fragrances in the shop, rather than opening the lid and smelling the wax which we ALL do. Smell the inside of the lid for a true stronger scent of the fragrance, then you'll know which ones appeal to you more.

Anyway onto my bargains, I bought this super spooky small Jar from Debenhams in the sale for only £3.99!


You'd be surprised that just a small jar like this burns for 25-40hrs! This was from their Halloween range. The smell is so nice it reminds me of a musky perfume.

My next bargains where from Clinton Cards, for those of you who don't already know Clinton Cards stock Yankee Candles. They had a huge stand of their Christmas fragrances on offer and then some of their regular fragrances. My eyes immediately focused in on Pink Lady Slipper! If you remember a while back I bought this in a wax tart and LOVED it! So when I saw Pink Lady Slipper on sale I had to buy it, I was probably drawn to this because of the rose aroma.

Yankee Candle describe Pink lady Slipper as-

A wonderfully soft and sweet spring bouquet, reminiscent of lovely rose petals, jasmine and violets.


They had the small jars, medium jars and large. I opted for the large because there was only just over a £1 difference. If you can afford the large candles I would really suggest you pay the extra pennies. A little word of warning, when handling the jars make sure you hold and lift them from the neck of the jar or better still around the middle of the candle. Don't lift them from the lid because they are heavy and you will end up dropping them and smashing them which would be a travisity.



I wanted to take a photo of the sizes so you get an idea, so starting left to right.

Large Jar burns for- 110-150hrs

Medium jar burns for- 65-90hrs

Small jar burns for- 25-40hrs


As well as being addicted to the candles I'm also addicted to the wax tarts! I've been burning them lots lately,Ii think these are a great way of sampling all the fragrances first hand before investing in a jar candle. My mum kindly picked me up a new one to try which is from the Christmas range called Red Berry & Cedar. So far after burning the Christmas festive wax tarts I really want to buy Cherries On Snow which smells wonderful! I would actually burn this fragrance all year round. Below shows the wax tarts I have left to burn, which one shall I try next?Please leave a comment below.



What is your favourite Yankee Candle fragrance?

Sherrie xoxo


  1. Oh I love Yankees too. I've had so many over Christmas- Cherries in the Snow, Christmas Wreath, Christmas Tree, Christmas Cookie, Sparkling Cinnamon, Winter Wonderland and Christmas Eve (I told you, loads!) but I also picked up some Pink Lady Slipper tea lights and a small Black Cherry Jar in the Clintons sale so I've started on others too. They were such good value and I love the tarts, samplers, tea lights etc for trying out new fragrances. Even when they're not reduced they're a great, cheap way to see if you like them.

  2. Big fan of the wax tarts since finding Christmas Cookies just before xmas, I like that they are a cleaner smell than a candle, just full on fragrance and the tarts are so scented they fragrance a room even when they are in their solid state, will be keeping my eye out for bargain ones now too!

  3. Christmas cupcake and Christmas cookie are my faves! I'm an addict. I'm forever hovering on QVC about to buy more Yankee. x

  4. Aaaaaah Yankee Candles! LOVE! I too was converted most recently ;) Totally love the wax tarts as they last absolutely ages too! And they're great value for money. I think I need to pick up another burner as I've only the one! I have the Red Berry & Cedar one, really lovely :) Although the Tutti Frutti sounds YUM!

    Love Aysh xoxo

  5. Ive been using the Yankee wax tarts for years--and in fact when i get the jars or the votives i even crumble them up and add them to the top of the burner, they last longer and they a Far stronger this way than using the wick.
    I even do this to other candle makes as well, they go straight in the top of the burner in small chunks.
    From the 4 candles you are deciding to burn, i would go for the Cinnamon stick one for a true scent of Christmas, Cinnamon IS Christmas, it is warm nutty sweet and spicy all at the same time. give it a try---- Trevor

  6. Great tip! thanks for your comment x

  7. i <3 yankee candles! People always buy me them as gifts =D welcome christmas smells amazing but my fav is country lemonade x


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