Monday 16 January 2012

Schwarzkopf Hair therapy Oil

Hair oils are fast becoming a much sourced item for many beauty bloggers and hair enthusiasts. I've been using a few and wanted to blog about one which I've been reaching for lots. Schwarzkopf are renown for top class products and salons so when you see one of their products you already have expectations set out.

I've been testing out one of their hair oils from their Hair Therapy range, called BC Bonacure Oil Miracle for normal to thick hair types. The bottle is a very generous 100ml and you need a very small amount to soon see the results.



The bottle looks so pretty, the hair oil looks like rich liquid honey. Who wouldn't want this for their hair? My hair has a bit of red in it when it catches the light and when I use this my hair just shines and looks so healthy. I really think it's helped intensify my own natural hair colour which is amazing because I've not needed to colour my hair for a while now.  I like how the oil feels when I've applied it to my hair, it doesn't weigh it down or feel greasy in the hair like other oils, it doesn't leave any unwanted residue either. I LOVE how my hair smells after using this.



As with oil hair oils you don't need much, I have fairly thick hair so a small pea sized amount is perfect for me. I normally take a pea size amount into my palms and then disperse the oil by rubbing my palms together. Doing this step is very important and should stop your hair from getting super greasy. I then use my fingertips to begin with and gently stroke the middle to end sections of my hair first, it best to apply to towel dried hair. Then once I've done this I then use my palms to rub the rest of the oil right into the ends of hair where it's the driest. It's always better to use a little less to begin with to see how your hair is. Remember you can always add a little extra but you can't take it away, believe me I have made the mistake of adding too much and turning my freshly washed hair into a greasy mess! on the Schwarzkopf website they have some great advice and tips about the magic of the hair oil. You can also use the oil to help define curls which is great for you curlypeeps out there. I enjoy waving my hair, especiallly in the summer so this is great to know. I'm going to enjoy using this as an intense leave in treatment as recommended by Schwarzkopf on their website.


You can purchase BC Bonacure Oil Miracle from Feel Unique and they also have the lighter option for thinner hair. The hair oil retails at £21.50 with free delivery, this is going to last me the year I think seeings how little you need. So when you think about it, the price is very reasonable.

I would love to know what hair oils you've tried and which ones you rate!

Thanks for reading!

Sherrie xoxo

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