Tuesday 17 January 2012

Embracing Eyeshadows! Series 1

I am going to be writting a series of posts called 'Embracing Eyeshadows' where I will be talking about eyeshadows and what I think are hits and misses.

I wanted to start off the series with a HIT blog post featuring an eyeshadow quad by the brand New CID Cosmetics, I recently won some goodies from a competition that Carmine Beauty and New CID Cosmetics held in December and I was a lucky runner up. I wont go into detail just yet about the other 2 items I won but wanted to show you the goodies.


Wasn't I a lucky girl?? I've been lusting over Coral Crush for yonks now ever since I heard it was a duper for Macs Stereo Rose and I know this is going to pain me but I think I actually perfer it!! Yikes I can't believe I just said that ( hides head ) anyway that's another blog post in itself.



When I shop for eyeshadows I must admit and say I'm more likely to invest in a palette rather than a single shade unless i totally love it. However after years of eyeshadow wearing and pallete buying i have learnt and expereineced it's such a pain if you love a shadow from a palette but you can't buy it individually. So annoying isn't it??

Right onto the exciting photos


i-Shadow quad Florence

I used the lightest shade 1 all over the lid and up to the brow, next I used the taupe shade 2 over the lid part paying attention not bring the shadow up close the inner part of the eye. I applied another layer and buffed into the crease, finishing off with the rich velvety chocolate shade 3 in the outer corner. I wanted to show you photos before mascara application and after, mascara really does make such a difference, wouldn't you agree?


I used the New CID Cosmetics i-flutter Double lash lengthening mascara in black.


A close up! Check out those lashes, also I might add I am using Rapid lash as well (blog post to follow shortly) I love how the mascara coats the lashes and really adds volume and length.


I wanted to show you a finished photo using the all the products mentioned above.

 Thanks for reading! I will be posting about loose eye shadows next time.


Sherrie xoxo

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