Thursday 10 November 2011

Max Factor Colour Elixir Lipsticks

I have surprisingly been reaching for lipsticks lately and seem to be really enjoying them, I must admit whilst I am not a makeup snob when it comes to lipsticks I seem to always take a liking to high end brands. Packaging for lipsticks don't normally bother me but however I do love the high end brands which have gold casing, there's something about having a lipstick which looks beautiful on the outside and the inside.

Max Factor launched their new Colour Elixir Lipsticks a little while ago and a soon as I saw them I thought of Estee Lauder right away! Thankfully these are a lot more affordable retailing at £7.99 each which is great news.  I have a tendency of getting dry chapped lips in the winter and often find myself not being able to wear lipstick because my lips are in such bad condition, so having a lipstick which is also a treatment is a big benefactor. The Elixir formula contains 60% blend of skin emollients which are super hydrating with antioxidants such as Vitamin E. The colours are really pimented which is nice because you can apply a little on the lips with a little lip balm for a soft subtle wash of colour or you can apply a couple layers for a nice true colour.


~ English Rose~

English Rose is a beautiful shade rosy pink shade and looks opalescent on the lips, I have found the perfect eye look which really compliments English Rose. I've been using a matte eyeshadow in a charcoal shade all over the lid and softly buffed into the crease, then I apply a cool blush and to finish off English Rose.

~Bewitching Coral ~

Bewitching Coral is a vibrant playful coral which makes any lips POP, I love wearing this as my main facial feature and just have and just apply lashings of mascara. This shade would be perfect all year round and I can't wait to wear this in the run up to Christmas, very festive lips!

~ Burnt Caramel~

I have saved my favourite till last, Burnt Caramel is a stunning warm nude shade and looks darker pictured below than what it looks like on my lips. I have been complimenting this shade with beautiful teal eyes, this is another all year shade which I would happily wear  with most eye looks.

Here are the swatches, I wanted to try and capture how creamy and moisturising the lipsticks are. Please note the swatches are 2coats, all 3 lipsticks look pretty n their own way.

Overall I've been VERY impressed with Max Factors Colour Elixir Lipsticks and would highly recommend you have a little play when you're next at the Max Factor counter. Not only do they feel and look amazing on the lips, they look high end but are affordable so we can all enjoy them and still have a happy purse. There lots more shade from the range so if these shades don't tickle your fancy then have a look because I don't think they will disappoint you.


Which one is your favourite shade?


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