Saturday 1 October 2011

Imperial Leather Skin Kind

I've been enjoying 2 body products by Imperial Leather, actually let me rephrase that part. My whole family has been enjoying 2 products by Imperial Leather. These products are both from their SkinKind hydrate range which contain cotton extract and oat milk. I still can't get over this scent and love it so much that I think I could wear this as a fragrance, seriously next time your at the shops have sniff because it's so good.

Imperial Leather say-
The cotton extract, oat milk and an allergen-free fragrance of SkinKind Hydrate leave your skin not only feeling soothed and moisturised, but also smelling delightfully fresh.

Bath Milk £1.89/500ml
I've been really impressed with the Bath Milk simply because I've used this in my little girls bath and she's only 16months old and this has been lovely on her skin. My son gets dry sensitive skin so was still a little cautious but again I was pleasantly surprised when his skin was fine and had no reaction. For me this was a great test to see if the product really is for sensitive skin and I can honestly say YES this would be great for sensitive skins. Plus Imperial Leather have also made this hypoallergenic, allergen and fragrance free which is also good. This products gets the thumbs up from everyone in my home little people included :)

When I first tried this I was instantly won over purely by the scent but after a few washes I was soon smitten with the whole product. The formula is creamy and lathers up great when used with a shower puff, my skin feels soft and hydrated after using this. If only they had this in a body lotion hey? It would be great I'm sure. 
Boots currently have this on offer for £1 so now is your chance to try it, I was kindly sent these 2 products but am genuinely going to pop on and pick up some supplies because I'm so impressed with it. Sadly since taking the photos and writing up my post all the body has gone so I think a trip is needed asap!

Both products smell lovely, are great for all the family and are priced really cheap in my opinion. So theirs no excuse peeps, next time you're at the shops pick these up to try you will thank me.

I was shopping in Asda today and saw some of their lines which are in fact Limited Edition, they look very relaxing and festive which is great seeings the darker evenings are here. There's nothing more relaxing than a lush smelling bubble bath and a good book to read. Another product which caught my eye was their Fine Handwash which looked very stylish and chic. Have you seen these?

Have you tried any of these products?
Have a super weekend & hopefully the sun will keep his hat on!

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