Thursday 29 September 2011

Elizabeth Arden Intervene Skincare

Today I have a great review of the lovely Intervene skincare range by Elizabeth Arden. Whenever I read or hear about Elizabeth Arden I automatically think of their miracle cream Eight Hour Cream which I've tried before but not for many years. They have such an amazing range now of their famous eight hour cream, have you tried this amazing product? I have super dry feet and think this would really work wonders on them.

The Intervene skincare range is perfect for me because it's aimed at women ages 25-39 which addresses the first signs of ageing whilst helping to maintain that youthful glow we all strive to achieve. The magical ingredient which is found in the Intervene range is their innovative natural Biodormin technology that boost's the skin natural defenses. I've been trying most of the range and wanted to share my thoughts with you on the day & night cream and the daily lotion.

I love the scent of the range and the day cream smells lush, because my skin is often normal-dry I enjoy a good rich cream which feels like it's really penetrating and hydrating my skin. Lately with the change of seasons my skin has been a little unruly and with my lack of water intake my skin has been looking rather dull. However thanks to using the Intervene skincare I have managed to keep my skin hydrated whilst protected from the harsh environmental factors such as sun, wind and pollution.

Elizabeth Arden say-
  • Skins appearance is immediately restored for radiant, clear, natural looking glow.
  • Helps even skin tone and texture.
  • Helps minimise the look of fine lines and combat the appearance of new ones.  
  • Provides deep hydration to replenish and revitalise so skin stays younger looking longer.
I don't normally use lotions because I find I always need something extra but recently if I've been using a skin makeup base then I find I don't need such a rich facial moisturiser so this has come in handy! I normally have normal - dry skin but recently my skin has been a little out of sorts and sometimes the Day Cream has been a little rich so I've been using this in conjunction with the day cream and my skin has settled back down now. This is SUPER light so this would be great for you ladies who have Oily skin, plus another added bonus is the SPF15 which is always very much welcomed in my eyes. Especially the fact this line of skincare is for preventing fine lines and helping with the first signs of ageing.

Elizabeth Arden say-
  • Helps keep skin soft, smooth and healthy looking all day long with an advanced hydrating system.
  • Refines, clarifies and retexturises skin with alpha and beta hydroxy compounds.
  • Protects skin with SPF 15 UVA/UVB sunscreen.
  • Contains vitamins C and E.
  • Calms and soothes even the most sensitive skin with our exclusive botanical complex.

Intervene Stress Recovery Night Cream £44
I love the name of the night cream Stress Recovery! Yes that's exactly what I need, our skin is repairing and working lots to recover from the daily aggressors which we've encountered throughout the day. I like the packaging clean and crisp, both creams come with a plastic protective cover inside which is good. You only need a small amount and the scent of the cream is pleasing and feels good on the skin. My skin use to feel and sometimes look dry and dehydrated but since using this range my skin doesn't have those dehydration lines anymore or look dull.

Elizabeth Arden say-

  • Works continuously throughout the night to help skin recover from daytime assaults and defend against the visible effects of stress on the skin.
  • Wake up to skin that looks younger, relaxed, revitalised and radiant.

Overall I've found the Intervene range to be a really great addition to my skincare regime, my skin has really benefited from using the products and now is no longer dry or dehydrated but glowing and supple. Whilst I still have tiny blemishes and my forehead feels a little bumpy but my skin over all is looking good and healthy. I really believe in good skincare and think your makeup will look great on good skin, but if your skin is bad then it doesn't matter how much makeup you plaster on your skin will always come through.

If you are thinking about anti-ageing and starting a new skincare regime I would really recommend you try this range. I'm hitting the big 30 next year and so I'm really taking my skincare routine seriously and am enjoying my skincare regime and the results I am seeing. How much do you pay for good skincare?

I have a review coming soon of more of the Intervene range so keep an eye out!
Thanks for reading, does this range appeal to you? 

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