Tuesday 16 August 2011

Loving GOSH Lavender Love Nail Polish

Hello my lovelies I wanted to share with you my current favourite Lilac polishes! I absolutely adore GOSH's Lavender Love, I mean come on what's NOT to love right? Such a rich creamy blue/lilac which looks stunning with a tan. I went for 2 shades on my NOTD and used Misty Mauve which is also by GOSH, both these polishes feel great quality. I found the first coat to cover really well, but the second coat intensifies and really finishes off the nail.

Lavender Love
Misty Mauve

I know these polishes came out a little while ago so you may struggle to get hold of these now but if you can I strongly recommend you do. However if you are not successful in your quest I found a backup polish also by GOSH which looks a good one to add to your collection Wild Lilac.

Overall I'm really impressed with GOSH nail polishes, they cost a respectable £4.99 which is friendly on the purse and come in an array of shades.

Have you tried these shades? Have you tried GOSH polishes?


  1. They are both cute!!
    I love them!

  2. I love Wild Lilac by GOSH but these seem a little more pastel to may have to invest in one of them. I really like GOSH nail polishes! I think they have a good formula and finish, especially considering the cost.

  3. Ive only got gosh holographic and i love it. These colours look lush. Really need to pick up some othe Gosh shades because ive heard nothing but great things

  4. Love them both! Pastel polishes always make you look so polished, in my opinion :)

  5. Both shades are pretty! very pretty! x

  6. These are both really pretty, love them worn together! xx

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  7. Lovely colours, will have to try some Gosh nail polish!


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