Tuesday 16 August 2011

Current LUSH Products

As you all probably know I'm a bit of a LUSH addict and love trying their products, so I wanted to share with you some new products I've been trying out lately by LUSH.

I'm sure most of you will agree with me when I say Snow*Fairy is just amazing and there's nothing which can top that sweet girly innocent scent. Sadly Snow Fairy is not available all year round so in the mean time I've been enjoying the other LUSH Shower gels.


I've been trying Flying Fox which at first was a little heavy scented but I've now began to like this. I know my hubby loves this so this is a great unisex shower gel, mind you I can't imagine the hubby using my Snow*Fairy ha ha! You can 100% smell jasmine so if you're not a jasmine fan then you will probably want to give this one a miss BUT if you're a fan of the sensual aroma of jasmine then you 100% need to try this out. I love how you only need a small amount of the gel so this bottle will last for a while unless you have to share it like me. The beautiful sensual aroma lingers on your skin for a while after and as you know jasmine is a natural aphrodisiac so be careful if you use this in the morning then catch a train to work, you never know you may attract a few new friends!

Lush say-
Some 'honey-scented' shower gels may, if you're lucky, contain one type of real honey way down at the bottom of the ingredients list. Not Flying Fox! We use not one, not two - but four different kinds of rich, golden honey from all over the globe. Blended with sensual jasmine absolute for its aphrodisiac qualities, Flying Fox is the true meaning of decadence.
My hubby has begun to take on the 'distingushed look' or as I call him my silver fox! Daddy-O was in fact designed for men with blonde or grey hair. The bright purple actually brightens and lightens the hair thanks to lovely lemons and limes. My hubby loves the colour and thought it was really funky and different and did have a slight worry he was going to end up with purple hair! The scent is very subtle and not heavy.

Lush say-
Violet-scented shampoo for shine and brightness, recommended for grey and blonde hair. Mark Constantine is a top trichologist; he's been making hair products with natural ingredients since his hair was brown. Now that his plentiful locks are a distinguished grey, he decided to award himself his very own shampoo and share it with everyone with grey or blonde hair. Daddyo has fresh lemons and lime juice to make your hair shiny.
This is bright purple and looks quite scary for a shampoo don't you think?

My mum has always said she loves it when she walks into a Lush store and can smell all the different aromas and wishes she could bottle up that scent. Thankfully Lush have designed the Gorilla Perfume Miniatures set which is a great idea! Plus my mum loves to wear lots of different perfumes so this set is perfect for her. I shared the 2ml vials out between us and we were both happy with our scents. Even though these are 2ml, they are neat perfume and you literally need a dab! I like how Lush have designed the vials, they have 5 very small pin holes where the perfume comes out. All you do is pop off the lid and then glide the vial over your wrist and you're done. Inside the cute set they've included a guide which lists the ingredients in each perfume and on the back is a perfume diary which you can jot down any thoughts about the perfumes.

Solid perfumes are very handy to carry around with you, I've tried Orange Blossom before which is lovely however Lust is slightly different. I must admit I have a love hate relationship with Lust, the strong jasmine is quite overpowering to begin with but once this settles on the skin you are left with a sweet floral scent. I'm still not sure about this yet and think I need to give this a little longer and see how I get on with it. Lush have a great selection of solid perfumes now so I'm sure there is a scent for everyone to enjoy. Have you tried their solid perfumes?

Have you tried any of these products?
What are your top Lush products?


  1. i have the lust perfume stick and im like you,im not too sure about it yet as i does have an overpowering scent.
    great post :)

  2. I wear Lust all the time, and love strong perfume so I'd def agree with what you've said! I love Jasmine but haven't tried FLying Fox before- will give it a sniff next time I'm in Lush!

  3. I love LUSH products, especially the bath bombs- they have so much FIZZ! Absolutely hate shopping in Lush though, I find all the different smells overbearing and always leave with a headache unfortunately.


  4. I still have half a bottle of snow fairy left, I don't want it to ever end! :(


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