Monday 29 August 2011

Elemis Cellular Recovery Capusles

I've been trying something new recently which has been a real treat for my skin, Elemis Cellular Skin Bliss Capsules. These have been such a pleasure to use and still are I've been using these on and off for roughly a month now and still have half the capsules left.

The capsules come in this big jar/pot which has a divide inside, there are capsules to use in the morning and capsules to use in the evening. The pink capsules are for the day and smell of rose which I LOVE and the green capsules are for the evening which smell of lavender. You can use these every day and night either alone or with your daily/night moisturiser depending on your skin type.
The capsules are amazing, you simply twist the top part off and then you squeeze the special oil straight out onto your face or into your palm then warm up the oil and massage into your face. I've been using these and then applying my moisturier over the top but to be honest they are so hydrating, so if you have normal/combination skin these will probably be enough for your skin. I first used these religiously to begin with but recently had a break out which to be honest I was expecting as these have been new to my routine and plus they do say they rid your skin of toxins so I was expecting my skin to have a blemish or two. Since having these blemishes I've eased off and used them every other day to ensure the rest of my face is still benefiting from the ingredients. I have normal-dry skin and was using my moisturiser over the top of these so have now realised that I can use these in place of my moisturisers if I want.


Apart from the couple blemishes I had my skin is looking and feeling better, I have frown lines on my forehead which I hate and keep trying to stop frowning but can't ha ha! I know you guys may not see them in my photos or videos but they're there all right! The anti-oxidant power helps to improve the signs of ageing and hopefully my forehead frown lines. I've always felt my skin is slightly dehydrated and with the help of these capsules my skin feels like it's had the real nourishment it's needed. I know I've been using Beauty Flash Balm but these capusles are more of a proper treatment for your skin rather than a quick pick me up if that makes sense? You can also just use these capsules on certain areas of your face.

These capusles are little pricey and cost £59.30 for 60 capsules so that's 30 pink and 30 green. Timtetospa currently have a great offer, when you spend over £50 you can pick a FREE Sp@ Home Shower Gel.

These are well worth the pennies though and sometimes ladies we need to treat our skin, we will be thankful when we are older but ladies fret not I have found you a FAB offer which I think you should ALL jump at the chance of getting.
I had a look on QVC website and they have this amazing offer costing just £20.91 which has 3 products one of which is a 7day supply of the Skin Bliss Capsules as well as 2 other best selling products. Check out the link and also the video Demonstration of the set.

Have you tried Elemis Skin Bliss Capsules?
Are you going to take advantage of this great offer?

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  1. I was introduced to Bliss Capsules when I trained as an Elemis Therapist, they have been my favourite skin treat for years. I use a full months worth 3 times a year to give my skin a super boost. Well worth the money, I usually look out for special offers on them on QVC. Jude xx @jadlgw

  2. The capsules are so pretty! I definitely want to try this - good to know that you can use them in place of your moisturizers as well. Thanks for the review Sherrie! xx


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