Sunday 28 August 2011

Clarins Beauty Flash Balm

My skin has gone a little AWOL recently, I have put this down to many factors such as hormones, poor diet, change of skincare and also lack of sleep. My skin type is normal-dry, I hardly ever have blemishes and if I do they are normally only hormonal and very small. Recently I've been going to bed late then getting up early to look after my 2 young children, I don't drink enough water and have recently changed my skin care routine so my skin has been looking rather dull and rubbish to be honest. Thanks to Clarins best seller Beauty Flash Balm by skin has been looking better and my makeup has been looking better. I'm a great believer in good skincare and finding what works best for you, you may have great makeup but it wont look great if your skin is isn't. I can't believe I've never tried this product before because it certainly appeals to me, this would be great for anyone to use.

The benefits about this product is marvelous and think everyone should have one of these ready to give your skin a flash of youth! I know being a busy mummy I am on the go constantly and having this has really helped me enjoy wearing makeup again. Some mornings I wake up and don't get time to spend as much as I would like applying my makeup but have got into a good routine now. I apply a thin layer of this and then apply my face makeup straight away.  I've also tried this as a mask and enjoyed the results it gave, but have been using it more as a prep.

Beauty Flash balm is suitable for all skin types and is also great if you want your makeup to last longer or if you're planning a special evening out this would be great to use.

Active ingredients 

* Witch hazel and Olive tree extracts : tightens and promotes radiance.
* Algae extract : revitalises.
* Bisabolol : soothes and softens.
* Rice Starch : purifies the epidermis

I really recommend you pop along to your nearest Clarins counter next time your hitting the shops and have a look at this little beauty! You could always ask for a little sample if you wanted to try it first. You get a 50ml tube which retails at £27.50 and will last a while because you only need a thin layer over the skin.

Have you tried Beauty Flash Balm?


  1. I've heard so many good things about the Beauty Flash Balm. I think I'll have to invest next time I'm at a Clarins counter! I adore their skincare so I might as well give this a try too! xx

  2. I have this but I dont see the kinda results ppl talk about it.. Maybe I'm applying it wrong.. I dunno.. I used it as a mask and it was ok.. As a primer, it was better for me that a mask.. I dunno.. Still gotta play around with it until I get it right..

    Thanks for the review =)

  3. Was chatting about this on twitter the other night, I am severely allergic to beauty flash balm :/ I get mass large red raised spots all over where ever its applied that look and resemble bee stings :( Clarins said they have never seen anything like it and actually gave me a full refund - used to be a big clarins shopper. Mel xxxx


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