Saturday 30 July 2011

Pumice King

Rough hands? Dry Cracked heels? Rough elbows? Well have you seen the Pumice King? Such a funny name don't you think? I have suffered from dry cracked heels since my 1st pregnancy and have had dry heels ever since. I swear by the Scholl Crack Heel Repair cream which is amazing stuff and give my heels a nice treatment every so often. I find that I need to keep on top of the dryness and roughness, I use a foot file normally which works wonders but thought this looked quirky and fun.

They come in various colours of course I got PINK.

You can use this dry or wet, I have tried both and found that using this dry works best on the heels but for removing stains then wet is best. I wouldn't say this is brilliant for removing or softening heels as well as my foot file but for a cheap alternative this is fine. Even if you don't use this for your dry/rough skin then this would be handy to have in your kitchen as a stain remover. This removes stubborn stains like grease, paint or dirt. I must admit I had a stain on my carpet and have been using it for household tasks rather than for my feet. I will be sticking to my foot file for my dry cracked heels.

Have you tried or seen this? 

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  1. I've contemplated buying one of these bc they use them in pedicures all the time.


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