Saturday 30 July 2011

New MUA Pro Collection

Following on from my review of the New Heaven & Earth palette by MUA I was eager to try some more of their new Pro Collection which has recently been released.


The Trio Eyeshadows are lovely and pigmented, I couldn't believe these are only £2.50. I have Innocence but there's another 6 colour options. I love the look of Passion which is beautiful purple/indigo shades. These are quite powdery so I was very cautious when applying them on the eyes.

Next up is one of their new Mosaic Bronzers in Sunkissed Glow which I personally think is more like a blusher. I was a little unsure about the darker shade in the compact but thought because of the other tones this would be fine, all I can say is be very gentle and soft when applying this shade. A little tip when applying this, once you've swirled your brush over the powder use the lid of the compact and just swirl the brush around to disperse the powder evenly on your brush. Plus I found it gave a softer look which is more workable rather than swirling and applying straight away. Other than that a good pigmented product which is worth £2.50, I'm not sure this is a shade for the summer but probably more suited as an Autumn/Winter shade. Think berry and then you're on the right track!

The other product was their Extreme Volume Mascara which only costs £2!! So cheap and actually not that bad, it does need a little work and time but I was happy with the end result.

Here is my look I created using these items plus on the cheeks I did use Sue Moxley Baked bronzer in Miami on my cheek bones over the top of Sunkissed Glow.

 I didn't mean to chop off my chin!

 Have you tried anything from the New MUA Pro Collection? 
What's your thoughts?
Can you recommend any other products from their collection to try?


  1. OMG The eyes are amazing!!!!! I so want to do

  2. That mascara looks stunning on you! Excellent post, hopefully I'll FINALLY track some of these products down soon. xx

  3. You are so photogenic! When i try taking photo's of my make-up looks, i cringe! They are awful! lol. I love the eyeshadows on you, they look amazing :) :)

  4. I love the mua mascaras there really good i love mine it really surprised me but mines from the normal collection x x x

  5. I'm really keen to try out the trio's but my local branch isn;t stocking the line yet, think will try Newcastle when I go there in a few weeks!

  6. Wow, your eye makeup looks gorgeous. I love the look of the eyeshadows, such a bargain! I'll definitely be checking these out! xxx

  7. Those eye shadows are so pretty xxx

  8. The trio eyeshadows are the spit of Bourjois smoky eye palettes. I'm really hoping I can get hold of the heaven and earth palette tomorrow, all the reviews have swayed me! x

  9. Wow really great look! You look amazing!! The blush.. The lip colour.. the eyes.. Really great


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