Saturday 2 July 2011

Goody Spin Pin Review

I first saw these cute spiral hair pins on TV, I remember catching up on my weekly fix of TV and with most TV channels now we have tons of pointless adds however I stopped the remote and remember thinking OHH what's this?? Goody is a new brand to myself but not anymore, these super strong pins can give 20 bobby pins a run for their money I tell ya!

These have been a god send because I am hopeless with my hair, I always envy people who have a natural talent with their hair and can style their hair so effortlessly. Well thanks to Goody you can now style your hair effortlessly. I have thick hair which tends to slip/fall out of buns or updos so having a product which really works is so refreshing.

Inside the box are simple step by step instructions giving you 3 styles to pick from.

OK so here is how I got on...

Gather all your hair together into a pony and twist as you would if you were attempting a bun, tuck the ends in.

ItalicNext using one of the pins twist the pin in at the top of your bun and then the second pin up through the base of the bun trying not to twist into the first pin.
Et voila!
Check Spelling
So there you go Simples!

These have been so popular and sold out in Boots a little while ago but luckily they are back in stock so be quick because these are a very purse friendly £4.95.

Available at Boots, Superdrug and Claire's Accessories.

These items where sent by PR which in no way affects my opinion, this is an honest review based on my own personal thoughts.


  1. They look fab! I will have to keep my eye out for some x

  2. Oh wow. I've never seen anything like these before, but what a nifty little gadget. My hair's a bit too short at the minute, but I think I may have to try these...just hope my hair isn't too fine eek!

  3. wow they look really handy will have to try it out sometime as i'm rubbish at buns!

  4. Wow they look really simple to use x

  5. I ordered this a few days ago from eBay and they are simply amazing! Even my mum loves them and she keeps stealing them from me!

  6. I saw these in Boots a few weeks ago and thought they looked good but didnt get them, now i'm gutted as they're sold out and i really want them! :( Hopefully they come back in stock soon. x

  7. I saw this on tv too and thought "this wouldnt work on my hair!!!!". Does it stay in securely? I have thick hair too. For that price, I'll be sure to give it a go anyway! x

  8. That looks so easy! think I'm gonna try it too =)
    Love your blog! hope you have time to ck out mine!

  9. I never get on with things like this in my own hair! Give me someone else to work my magic on and I can do it haha!

    You make it look so easy so I may just give it one more try :)


  10. I've got some of these, i got mine in ASDA and i also think Morrison's sells these to!!!!


  11. Thanks everyone for your lovely comments.

    These really are so easy to use, and what's great is you can just try again if you don't get the pins in as you want them.

    @Kat my friends hair is fine and i used these in hers yesterday and they were fine, she actually felt just one held her hair! x

    @Nicola OH no :( yep keep an eye out you can also get them from Superdrug & Morrisons & Asda x

    @Temporary Secretary, I have thick hair aswell and these pins hold mine, I do have to have a couple goes to get it right but its so quick and easy I dont mind. x

    @Charli Give it another go hun let me know how you get on. x

    Thanks everyone xx


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