Sunday 3 July 2011

Clinique Skin Supplies for Men

Skincare for men is becoming very popular, I think men are starting to cotton on to this looking good and having great skin! I know my hubby has been reaping the benefits of using good skincare, he has been using two products from Clinique's Men's Skincare range and would like to share his thoughts with you.

I have used a few different Face Scrubs in the past but never really stuck to a routine because I felt the face scrubs didn't really make much of a difference, until now. I've been using the scrub for 2 weeks now and can honestly say I noticed a difference immediately after the first use. I've put this down to the quality of the scrub, whereas with scrubs I've used in the past they've been more of a looser consistency. Clinique's Face Scrub is like a thick paste with lots of tiny granules and gives a much better scrub, my skin looks brighter and healthier. I don't have anymore dry flaky patches and this has been great on ingrowing hairs which has been a bug bear of mine for years. I use this on a daily basis normally each morning when I have a shower, you only need a small ammount so this will last a long time. The scent is pleasant and not overpowering.

£16I've been using the Post-Shave Soother regularly now as part of my shaving routine, I use this striaght after my shave whether a wet or a dry shave. This is a very light lotion which has a medicinal scent to it which is fine. I've used products similar to this in the past which have stung my skin when applied, where as thanks to the Aloe ingredient this actuallys has the opposite effect and calms and soothes the skin. I can see why this product has won a few awards.

£17Here's a photo showing the consistency of the 2 products, as you can see the scrub is thick in texture whilst the Post Shave Soother is a very lotion.

Both products can be picked up at your local Clinique counter, if you need some advice about your skin or shaving routine then pop along and speak to a consultant.

A big thank you to my hubby for another great post, if you like the sound of these products and think your Husband, Son, Brother or Dad could benefit from them then treat them for their birthday.
I think most men don't think about going out and buying products for themelves but when they've been bought for them they don't mind!
 These items where sent by PR which in no way affects my opinion, this is an honest review based on my own personal thoughts.

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  1. How sweet this is! I bought my dad the hydrating moisturiser with added SPF and he absolutely loves it for when he has those dry flaky patches.


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