Monday 13 June 2011

Update Smooth Skin by iPulse

This is an update about the Boots Smooth Skin by iPulse, you can catch up with my original post here.

I have been using this machine on and off and can honestly say I have and am noticing great results, I've finished my 6 weeks course of treatment on my underarms and am very happy with the results. Whilst I am not totally hair free yet I am still impressed with the lack of hair growth and the hair seems to be thinner as suggested by iPulse.

Here is a picture showing you the results of my hair growth after 2 weeks...

So I completed my 6 week treatment and then left my hair for 2 weeks and these pics are showing you the results. Impressive hey? iPulse recommend a course of treatments anywhere between 6-12weeks so if this is the result after 6wks then imagine after 12wks.

You can see that the majority of hair has gone and theres only a couple of patches either end which aren't anything major.

I am currently using this on my bikini area but don't worry I have not photographed these areas, whilst I don't mind sharing my underarms with the beauty world I think my bikini area is not needed ha ha!
However I started a 6 week course on my upper lip so have taken photos before and will continue to do so, so you can see the results.

What are your methods of Hair Removal?


  1. Underarm shaving is the bane of my life! I am not particularly hairy elsewhere, and my arm and leg hair is very fine and blonde so can get away with it really. But underarms are another story! I have to shave pretty much everyday and if I forget one day then I want to just hide and run home!

    The results of this look amazing, I will have to look into saving up and purchasing! Thanks for sharing :) xxx
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  2. I have hormone imbalance which leads to facial hair mainly under chin - neck area which it very, very annoying so I go between waxing and plucking, neither are ideal as u have to wait for re growth but this machine could be the answer to my prayers. great post thanks xx

  3. You're welcome ladies :)

    thanks for your comments x


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