Tuesday 21 June 2011

Mess vs tidy-Which are you?

Hello peeps, how are you all?

Well this post has been on my list of posts to do for weeks now and I finally took the time out to take some snap shots of my 'MESSY' stash!
I personally HATE mess and can never find products and what really bugs me is the fact I forget about products and then find them and think blimey I forgot I had this!
OK so now for the embarrassing photos!

This is where all my makeup & Fragrance is stored mainly in the units on top of my cabinet and then in the drawer below is boxes which are full of back ups and new products and samples.

I have acquired quite a lot of hair/body/nail products so I had to think up more storage quickly, luckily I had this open storage unit in my loft not being used. I have spare makeup bags in the top section, the second section has mix of products but mainly body and then the third section has products to review and then the bottom section has all hair products. I love this storage unit, I like how its open so products are easily spotted and easily accessible! The S&G hat box is full to the brim of nail polishes!

I don't have a bedside cabinet as such but do have a functional bedside storage area which doubles up as my bedside cabinet. Confused? Well good job I took a pic then ha ha ♥

As you can see this is what I call my soap & Glory bedside cabinet! ha ha Both boxes are full of products!

I need to have a good sort through and really get myself familiar with my products and start getting them used up and enjoy using them!

Who would like to do the Project 10 pan with me? We don't have to do 10 products we can pick the amount ourselves! Let me know if anyone is interested then we can set it up :)

Please leave a comment below, how are you storing your products? Any tips or advice is very much appreciated! ♥


  1. I love your Soap & Glory night stand, such a cute idea :)

    I'd totally be interested in doing the Project 10 pan - i have lots to use up as my storage is bulging!


  2. i always try to stay tidy but by the end of the week, everything is all over the place again! major fail x

  3. Would you believe that I've heard so much about project 10 pan but don't actually know all the ins and outs, would love to know more & possibly jump on the band wagon xx

  4. That's very organized how you placed your make up and such..^__^

  5. Your storage looks great! I have zero storage really, everything is just thrown in one drawer. It's so messy and unorganised which is NOT like me at all!

    When I lived in England I had everything meticulously organised like this, with sets of open drawers one for face, one for eyes etc. Since moving to Malta I've just never got round to buying proper storage. Must be done soon! xxx

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  6. your storage area is not messy, it's fantastic!!!! I love the open storage unit, great idea! and your bedside table is the cutest haha <3333
    I store my products in something like a bedside table at the moment but I'm planning on getting those plasting drawers! :))

  7. Fab storage, looks so neat and tidy compared to mine! x


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