Monday, 20 June 2011

The Birthday Wall by Rituals Cosmetics

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Ok whilst it may not be my birthday just yet, do you know someone close to you celebrating a birthday soon? Or is your birthday close by?
Then why not set up a Birthday Wall for them then when 10 people leave a birthday wish on the persons Birthday Wall, Rituals will send your friend a free gift to their home address!
How sweet is that? You need to link up with Facebook to be able to make up the Birthday Wall.

A recent surved was carried out by Rituals where 1,200 fans took part in a survey, 56% said that they used social media such as Facebook and Hyves to wish friends and family a Happy Birthday, with 29% stating it was the 'Easy' option. So Rituals have embraced this and have come up with a great idea where anyone in the world can make a birthday wish on your wall.

For more information click on the links above to get a Birthday Wall started soon.
So who are you going to set up a wall for then??


  1. That Birthday Wall is a fantastic Idea! I think I will have to do it as a belated present for my Boyfriend who had a pretty terrible 30th birthday recently.

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  2. I like that idea, my birthday is just after 7 days and certainly will add that birthday wall in my blog =)
    Thanks to share it with us!


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