Wednesday 2 March 2011

Struggle with polish remover?

One of my pet hates has to be chipped nail polish I know we've all had it and we all get it but as soon as mine start chipping I have to take the polish off! I remember being in work once and my polish was chipping and I had no polish remover on me so made them a damn sight worse by trying to chip the rest of the polish off bad move!


I didn't realise that there was such a nifty little product out on the market which would've been my saviour on those occassions! I have only recently fallen in love with nail polishes and trying to grow my nails so am becoming more aware of the products on the market for nail care.
Pretty Quik is available from Boots and independent chemists, and comes in originall and acetone free formula. My mum paints her nails religously so I gave her the original and I have the acetone free one.
My mum has loved using this so much that she has gone out and bought a couple more, 2 for home and one for her bag! She had such a good idea and said that having 2 was good so you could use one for light polish colours and the other for dark polishes.

The pot is a nice size not too big which is good for the bag, inside is a sponge which is soaked in the remover formula. you simply insert your finger into the slot and twist round, the sponge does the work for you!

Pretty Quik say-

No mess, no spills, no fuss and the acetone free formula is ideal for false nails.

The innovative nail polish removers , simply dip fingernail into the slot in the sponge, twist and polish is removed. Gentle formulation of vitamin E and lanolin oil will moisturise the cuticles and strengthen and condition the nails.

As you can see the sponge takes on the colour of your polish...

So having 2 pots one for light polishes and the other dark is a really good idea, I was a little scepticle at first and thought you wouldn't be able to remove all the way down and around the cuticles but with a little finger 'wiggling' you can remove all traces of polish, however you make get a hand after a while! I would say these travel sized pots are great for carrying around with you and are super easy and cheap to have but if you paint right up to the cuticle then you may need a little extra help with a cotton bud or a cotton pad to remove the rest so you can get right up to the cuticle that way your hands wont hurt trying to twist your finger round and round.

This pic is showing one twist of the remover...

This pic is showing 3 twists and a little 'wiggling' around, pretty neat hey? I think these are so worth the price and I have used mine around 4 times now and the sponge is still full of polish formula so they must last a fair while and for the price they are great to pick up when your buying your monthly supplies.

Have you tried these?


  1. I've used the Sally Hansen ones after reading about them on blogs and they're amazing too. So much easier than normal nail polish remover and cotton wool x

  2. Clever concept.
    Im always doing my nails and spilling nail polish remover so this may be the answers to my problems:)

  3. fabulous invention i actually discovered theses a couple of years back at boots, problem with these is that they do dry quite quick, as in the liquid isnt there after a while lol has that happened to you? though it was easily remidied i just poured mor nail polish remover into the pot

  4. I have the one with the pink lid (I can't remember which one it is) and its very good! It takes seconds to remove all my polish and isn't messy at all. I was really impressed. x

  5. Thanks for the comments ladies :)

    @Karla yes I heard about the Sally Hansen one, it looks slighty bigger than these I think? x

    @Chelseyyy worth a try hun? Im so clumsy at the best of times! x

    @Amina Yes I was thinking of topping up the remover so far though so good, but I did struggle with glitter polish! x

    @Pyxiee Yes its the Original one, great arent they? x

  6. After reading this post i went out and purchased this yesterday. Amazing! Cant believe i havent noticed this before - genius!



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