Tuesday 1 March 2011

Favorite foundation Brush!

The Miss Taylor Kabuki brush has become my favorite foundation brush! It arrived in a sweet red organza gift bag which is such a nice touch and makes the product feel special.

Miss Taylor is a flat top retractable kabuki brush, I love the metallic purple casing which really lives up to the name of the collection 'Hollywood'.
There are another 2 brushes from the Hollywood collection, Something About Marilyn and Breakfast with Audrey .I like how this brush is retractable and keeps the brush safe inside, great for when your on the go. I personally like the colour packaging and think this would stand out in your bag it's a little bit different than your normal black packaging.

Just push the outer cylinder down to release the kabuki brush and I just pat the top of the kabuki to spread out the brush a little better.

The brush is dense yet still very soft and pilable I've been using this everyday to apply my liquid foundation. The size of the brush is perfect and feels so comfortable when buffing in my foundation. Sigma say this kabuki brush can be used for foundation, bronzer and blush which is fab just think if you were going away and was limited on size then this brush would be all you need for your face products!

Thanks to the Sigmax fibers for high definition this duo fibred kabuki brush gives your skin that 'Air Brushed' finish. I JUST LOVE LOVE LOVE this brush and would highly recommend to you all, the brush is a smaller/travel version of theFlat top Synthetic Kabuki F80.

Another bonus about this brush, if you like to touch up your makeup during the day then you can always load your brush with face powder/blush push up the retractable cylinder and pop on the lid and then when you want to touch up it's simple!
I recieved this brush through joining the Sigma Affiliate Program, why don't you join It's free and heaps of rewards ... click on the icon below if your interested

Thanks for stopping by ladies, would love to know if you own any Sigma Brushes and which ones you recommend?


  1. This looks awesome. I love that it is retractable. I can't tell you how many brushes I have ruined by laying the hairs down the wrong way. I also love the colour of the packaging...such a gorgeous metallic purple.
    Thanks for the review.

  2. I love my Sigma large powder brush, angled contour brush, due fibre brush and more recently my paddle. I just love how fab the quality is and how akin they are to MAC quality but being no way near as pricey. And of course the organza bags (they do change the colours of these) and each time I've ordered I've gotten a free travel blending brush which is great. LOVE IT ALL!!

    X X


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