Friday 25 February 2011


I'm sure you have seen these very eye alluring hair products at your local Superdrug. Scandalous is a Haircare Collection available exclusively to Superdrug and consists of 12 products of which 2 shampoos, 2 conditioners, 1 intensive treatment with the rest of the 7 products being for styling. Rock Chick, Big & Beautiful or Sleek & Seductive are the styles within the collection, which one would you by?
Shiny and Sweet smelling hair is something we are all lusting after surely?
I know I've been striving for better styled hair lately, whilst my hair is not majorly thick I do have alot of it if that makes sense. I rarely use a hair dryer and just let my hair dry naturally normally but the problem I face is the unruly style which it seems to take on once dry.

£5.99 (50ml)

Luckily I have been using a serum which has helped with this problem aswell as leaving my hair smelling lovely!
When I read the word serum I always imagine a creamy formula, where as in this instance this is not the case. This particular serum is actually a spray and is very light and not heavy on the hair. If you party alot then this is a must for you try as it contains citronella to neutralize lingering odours and stopping your hair from picking up strong smells like smoke and food thus keeping it fresh and smelling good! I remember the days when I would go out of an evening and then come home and my hair use to stink which is horrible isn't it? I'm sure we have all been there.

The next haircare product I have been trying from the collection is another styling one.


This smells great and is not to be confused with a hairspray, this product initally adds shine and gives a glossy healthy look to the hair. Then finally it will leave a fine layer of sensual spicy perfume. I love the fact you can treat your hair to little perfume and it's perfectly fine on the hair. I must admit to spraying my hair lightly with my perfume of the day and often think it's a waste but now I can use this and know it's actually designed for the hair!

Have you tried anything from the collection? I think the packaging is totally different and not at all shy. This without a doubt stands out on the shelves and gets noticed.


  1. These look fab, the packaging is nice. I like the sound of the Luminous shine spray :)

  2. Thanks for your comments ladies :)

    The packaging is so eye catching and different from your typcial hair styling products I think!


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