Friday 25 February 2011

Friday Facial & Relax Time

Yay for FRIDAY everyone! Well as some of you may already know it has been half term this week so I have had such a hetic week! So Friday Facial has been my one treat this week which I have longed for! Aswell as treating your face this week then why not do the whole shabang and have your very own pamper session! This is what you could use...

I think ♥Maisy♥ is after some pampering! Purrr

Face Masque
Bath Salts
Body Exfoliator
♥ A scrummy body Wash ♥
Yummy Body Moisturiser
Hot Chocolate & piles of mini Marshmallows

This is the masque I used and YES it is a peel off one, I was brave and decided to give it another chance and was surprised with the results.

This time I applied the masque thickly on my face which made such a difference and didn't feel uncomfortable when I peeled it off. The scent was not nice though, nothing like cucumber more like polish remover! Has anyone else tried this one?

How will you be relaxing tonight?


  1. Oh that looks like a lovely treat tray! Maisy is a cutie!

  2. You've inspired me to do a facial tonight :) Thank you!
    Tamera xo
    Tamera's Take

  3. I love peel off face masks, cute cat :-) xx

  4. Ahhh you make me craving hot chocolate and marshmallows now!

  5. I love this post! That picture is everything a girl needs in life! Love.


  6. Thanks for your commenets ladies! x

    @NicsNoteBook thanks! maisy like to make an appearence once in a while lol x
    @Tamera, brill what did you use? x
    @Nicole thanks! x
    @GABY YUMM I love hot choc! x
    @Joanna Yes very true! lol x


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