Wednesday 23 February 2011

NHR Organic Essential Oils

I was kindly sent some Organic products to try, a facial spray, body lotion and a pure essential oil all by a company called NHR. I have always from a young age been interested in essential oils and their healing properties. My auntie was an Aromatherapist and so seeing her use them and talk about them really fascinated me. I also really believe in the natural powers they have for healing and was so happy to try some products.
NHR stock over 100 organic essential oils and over 30 organic base oils, the majority of which have been certified by the soil Association to food grade standard, making them the highest quality you can buy.

They came beautifully wrapped in a gift box with ribbon..

Organic Rose Floral Water sounds so nice and what's even better you can use this in so many different ways. I currently have an atomiser screwed on the bottle and use this as a facial spray which is very refreshing on the skin. This can be rubbed or sprayed onto the skin or you can pour 10-20mls in the bath. The rose water keeps the skin moist and supple. Also another added bonus is this is safe to use on children and babies. I can see me using this lots through the summer, the scent is stunning as I would expect with rose scented products. Your getting 100ml for £11.15 which is very reasonable as this would last a while as a facial spray.

Organic Chamomile Lotion has been very muched appreciated in my household recently, my son suffers from terrible dry scaly skin on his back and around his sides. You can feel where his skin feels rough and then smooth. Since using the Organic Chamomile lotion his skin is feeling less rough and the patches are now becoming smaller which is great! I have used many skin creams/emoillents such as E45, Sudocreme and Aqueous cream. None of these have helped as good as the organic lotion. This is a 100ml bottle with pump and costs £1o.21 which at first I thought a little pricey but after a little research this is a very reasonable price not to mention the high quality of ingredients used.

Organic Rose Otto Essential Oil sounds so decadent and can actually be used as a sensual sweet perfume or added to a bath or even applied to the face as a delicious night oil.
I have used this as a perfume and just applied to my pulse points and this lasts really well which is what you would expect. However my favourite way of using this is by dropping a few drops in the bath lighting a candle and just relaxing! The scent is lovely and lingers on the skin afterwards. What also makes this essential oil so special is the amount of hard work which goes into producing just one bottle. Around 600 rose flowers are used to make just 0.5ml of pure rose otto oil. So you would expect this to be very pricey but in actual fact it's quite the opposite £12.17 for 10ml is a great price!

Thanks for stopping by, do you use essential oils at home?


  1. These sound lovely - I love the smell of rose. I always have a bottle of lavender essential oil at home!

  2. I LOVE essential oils, mainly drop them in the bath for a nice relaxing experience but they can be so expensive. These products sound great and an added bonus is they look great too :) will definitely be looking in to these xx


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