Wednesday 23 February 2011

Cetuem Spring Summer Shades

I have been loving some of the new Cetuem shades from the Spring Summer Nail Enamel Collection, however they aren't what I would call Spring summer shades. I think shade 27 could pass for spring but not sure about the others.

♥ £9.50 14ml ♥

Shade 27- A Soft Creme Baby Blue
Shade 29- A metallic Royal Blue
Shade 44- A shimmery Smokey Grey
Shade 232- A beautiful Solid Black.
Shade 280-A shimmer Mushroom Brown

Cetuem polishes don't have names but numbers, I like the packaging which to be honest there's not much not to like. If you haven't heard of this brand before I strongly suggest you take a look at their vast collection of shades on offer! I have never seen such a collection of shades with all different finishes. There are 16 different finishes to pick from such as creme, frosted, shimmer, Metallic and two tone are just a few.
I recently found an amazing blog for nail art inspiration and tutorials Choles Nails is where I learnt the scotch tape method.

First up I used the beautiful shade 29 all over my nails and then with the scotch tape method taped up my nails and then tried the very glossy solid black shade 232 over the thumb and ring finger.

Shade 29 is so vibrant and eye catching, I used 2 coats which was fine. The black is a very solid black which my sound strange but some black polishes aren't.

Then for this look I used the first shade 27 which I must admit I wasn't as impressed with the coverage, I had to use 3 coats and wasn't happy with all the nails. On some nails the colour looked a bit 'wishy washy' so to speak. I'm putting it down to the finish maybe? This is a creme finish which is a shame as I'm a big fan of the creme finishes so would be interested to try another shade to compare how well that covers the nails. I then used shade 44 with the scotch tape method to create the points.

Here is Shade 280 another one of my favourites from this collection, the shade is stunning and I keep admiring at my toes. I added a little detail to the big toe nail using the solid black polish, both of these shades work so well together and would love to try more designs with them. I'm thinking shade 280 all over the nails and then using the black for the tips.

These polishes are great quality and have staying power, my lovely Mother- In Law who has a weakness for gorgeous polishes also tried some of these out and her favourite is shade-44. Her job involves her using a computer and keying alot so her polish often chips but when she has tested these they had more staying power so that's good!

Cetuem also have a range of Nail Care Treatments which has really caught my eye, if you follow me on twitter then you'll know how much I am trying to grow my nails! I am trying OPI Nail Envy at the moment for the second time and it's not really working. Cetuem have a calcium Nail Builder & Tough Nails 3 in 1 which caught my eye.

If nails aren't your thing then Cetuem also stock Skincare which has become very popular with certain celebrities such as the gorgeous Peter Andre

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  1. i've never heard of the cetuem range.. but these colors look lovely and right up my ally! and the packaging looks a bit like chanel. too cute! xxx


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