Sunday 27 February 2011

Hair styling? How do you decide yours?

I'm not very creative with my hair and wish I was, I'm just not great at styling or trying new styles.
My current style which I'm trying to pull off is the messy wavy style, I don't like to use too many products on my hair else I feel like I have to wash my hair every day which I don't do.
How do you wear your hair? Up or down? Do you decide on the day or do you have the same style but change it for a special occassion?
Do you decide on your style of hair once your makeup is done? I tend to do my makeup first and then decide whether my hair is going up or down.


I wanted to share a few snap shots of my hair up and down, and also wanted to give a certain hair product a shout out as I think it deserves a post dedicated to it!


Up do

The product which I want to give a *special* mention is by the company called Bumble and bumble. Surf Spray has become a very much favored styling product which I've been using ever since I got it. The bottle is kinda different and actually made out of scubba suit material which is relevant to the theory behind the product. Surf Spray gives sexy windsept, sun-dried hair wherever and whenever. Think beach and how your hair gets and then you're on the right page! This product can be used on wet or dry hair, I tend to use mine on dry hair and spray at the roots and then scrunch the product into the root to create a natural lift and some texture. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this! I used this in the photos above, I liked how when I popped my hair up it still kept some volume and looked like I had styled my hair which is what I've been trying to create for some time now. The product doesn't weigh the hair down and you don't feel like you need to wash your hair.

So there you my lovelies what do you think? Have you tried Bumble and bumble before? What are your go-to styling products? Would love to know your thoughts!


  1. My hair is always the same, day in, day out. The only ways I wear it is straight-ish & messyish. And the other style is where I spritz in some salt spray for some beach waves. Wish I could do updos but my hairs faaar too short for that.

    Heard so many great things about Bumble & Bumble, price tags puts me off, but ooooh, doesn't the bottle look oh so pretty? I SO NEED THIS. XOXO

  2. hi,not heard of bumble and bumble.
    im pretty limited as hairstyles go as mine is naturally curly :)

  3. Oh yes I've heard a lot about this Surf Spray. I have one from Garnier and it's great for that lazy beachy waves hairstyle (=

  4. looking gorgeous here hun. Ive not tried it but id love to xx

  5. Thanks for your comments ladies :) x

    @DesignerSpray the bottle is very smart! x
    @mixnmatch you should defo check it out, they have a huge range of products suitable for everyone! x
    @GABY I love the beachy waves look at the mo! x
    @Nicoletta Thanks sweetie x

  6. I've not tried it but it looks great. Your hair looks gorgeous.
    Zoe x

  7. Hey hon, your hair looks gorgeous down, I prefer hair down generally, it frames the face nicely, and I only wear mine up for cleaning the house really!

    I wear mine blow dried, or using one of my many hair stylers (lol)- a vlume one, or a wand - I love wearing mine waved as opposed to straight!


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