Monday 28 February 2011

The Body Shop 'Brush With Fashion' Collection

When I saw this new collection I loved the packaging straight away and wanted to know more about it so when I had the chance to sample the products I jumped at the chance.

Think fresh Spring for this New limited edition collection, cruelty free Brush with Fashion make-up and accessories collection from The Body Shop. Created in collaboration with the internationally-acclaimed London College of Fashion this ultra stylish make-up combines ethically-sourced ingredients.
Nikki Palmer an esteemed graduate of London College of Fashion created four directional yet wearable looks, here is one of the looks.

A La Mode is my favourite palette the shades are beautiful and vibrant, these palettes are a great size and contain a handy mirror which I LOVE in palettes! So handy!! 4 eyeshadows an eye blending brush and eyeliner.

There are 3 pearlescent shades and one matte black shade with an eye definer in Black the shadows are very soft and easy to apply and very pigmented in this palette.

Boho Beauty is another beautiful palette featuring warm browns and apricots all matte and with an eye definer in Rich Brown.

These shades are soft and warm and very nice but with them being matte they are not as pigmented as the previous palette. This palette is great for anyone who likes their make-up natural. The eye definers within both palettes are creamy and soft and last all day.

Tailored Cheek Tint is a clear gel which magically transform onto the skin giving a flush of pink on the cheeks. What's different is the synthetic brush applicator which is a little strange as I still squezze the gel out on my hand and then apply using my finger tips. I actually like the gel come powdery texture on the skin and is super easy to blend. This is a favourite of mine out fo the collectiona nd is well worth a look. You can build up the colour depending on how deep you like your blush.


Illuminating Face Base adds a natural warm glow to the face, can be used alone or under your foundation. This is not to be mistaken as a foundation I have been using this under my foundation for an extra glow but to be honest was slighty disappointed as it didn't seem to look any different. I was airing on the side of caution with it so maybe I need to use more product to see more of an effect. Has anyone else tried this would love to know your thoughts?


I think I would've opted for this in pump form as it look me ages to twist for the product to finally appear! The brush applicator feels very soft and is a fair size so this may appeal to some people. Within the collection I like how they have thought about the products and how you would apply them to the face. They have taken it all into consideration.

Hi Shine Lip treatment Pink Cream & Juicy Peach are not limited edition colours and are available from the permanent Hi Shine gloss collection. The packaging they are in is limited edition so if these are your normal colours you enjoy wearing then why not pick them up in LE packaging for the same price of £9.50. They also have an integrated lip brush which the normal Hi Shine gloss tubes don't have. The brush tips are so handy and give better control when trying to be neat and applying the gloss.

These glosses smell amazing a real fruity scent which is lovely for the spring, they also feel nice on the lips not tacky. I like them both but maybe like Pink Cream that little bit more, they are very sheer in colour as you can tell from the swatches and it's hard to get them to look different in the light but they are different ever so slightly when you see them in person.

L- Juicy Peach R- Pink Cream

You can also pick up a mini brush kit from the collection amongst make-up bags and bag for life which I was very kindly sent also and have been using this ever since to carry around my day to day items for both my little ones. I love the bag and would naturally be drawn to it if I saw this in the shop. The gorgeous pink sides and straps and the facial image printed with the 'Brush With Fashion' logo. If you don't pick any make-up up from this collection then maybe check out the bag.


I just wanted to show you a photo with the products I used the illuminating face base under my foundation, then used the cheek tint. For the eyes I used Boho Beauty palette on my eyes but used the white pearlescent shadow from the A La Mode palette for under the brow and inner eyes for a highlight. I then used Juicy Peach over one of lipsticks to give it an 'Umph' .

Will you be checking anything out from this collection? If your thinking about it I suggest you try out A La Mode for sure and the cheek tint which will be lovely for the spring for a natural flush of colour without feeling like you have make up on. Great for beach babes!


  1. Al la mode looks lovely, pretty colours x

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  3. The neutral pallete looks perfect for me!(=

  4. i'm surprised that the eyeshadows aren't super duper glittery. from my experience, all of their eyeshadows that are in palette form are not very pigmented and ultura shimmery.

  5. The A La Mode palette looks loooovely, i have to admit i haven't looked at BodyShop makeup for about 2 years. Going to inspect closer myself this week, could be a potential purchase! :) xxx

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