Friday 18 February 2011

Friday Facial

Morning Cherubs well as you all know it's Friday which can only mean one thing!!

Friday Facial

Today I want to share with you a facial masque and a candle to add to the relaxation effect ♥
This is my fifth Friday Facial post and it got me thinking about what makes us relax? Everyone is different and so find different ways which relax us. Whether going for a stroll, reading a book or just listening to some music. How do you relax?
For me personally having a lovely bubble bath with the lights off and candles around the bathroom. I love candles, I have them lit most evenings and the mood they create is very calming.

So without further a do I give to you Dead Sea Mud Pac Anti-Stress sounds good to me.


Montagne Jeunesse say-
Deeply cleanse your skin. When you tear open the sachet you are flooded with the fresh fragrances of Lavender, Sweet Seaweed & Dead Sea Minerals. Lavishly apply and relax as impurities are drawn out and blocked pores opened for a deep clean.

I love the smell and the texture is your normally creamy formula, I like how these masques always cover my face so well. Don't you find if you're using a masque from a tube you tend to be a little more cautious as you don't want to use it all up? Where as with these you can squeeze it all out and cover your face well. I didn't leave the masque on to the point of drying and making my face feel tight like I normally do. I actually enjoyed taking it off a little earlier, making it much easier to remove.

♥ ♥ ♥

Ok so your masque is on what to do next? Light a candle, sit back and relax with your feet up.
I know for sure you would've all heard about Yankee Candles so they need no introduction ♥ After my weekly post of Friday Facial I picked a candle from their Aromatherapy Spa range Lavender, Ylang-Ylang & Geranium.

The glass lid is perfect for keeping the candle dust free and also containing the scent, preserving it for future uses. This particular jar has the burning time of Approx 80hrs. As soon as I popped the lid open the aroma was very pleasing and the blend of essential oils instantly gives a feeling of relaxtion and the want for relaxation.

If this particular scent doesn't appeal to you then they have another 4 to chose from, Yankee Candle say these blends are designed to offer specific mood benefits: Relax, Stress Relief and True Bliss.

♥ Tangerine & Vanilla ♥
♥ Cinnamon & Frankincense ♥
♥ Sage & White Tea ♥
♥ Shea Butter & Cedarwood ♥

Have you tried anything from the Aromatherapy Spa Range? Or any of their other ranges? I'm new to Yankee Candles and whilst I could possibly eat half of them I'm not familar with many scents. What would you pick for the summer?


  1. Lovely review! I actually am trying this mask right now!(=

  2. You really make me want to try those masks! (=

  3. Thanks for the comments ladies :) ENJOY x


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