Thursday 17 February 2011

Clippy London

Following on from my storage post about how I store my makeup brushes etc... It got me thinking about other types of storage. On the go storage, do you carry a makeup bag around with you every day? Do you often travel? I love makeup bags and find like my own personal love for handbags I like to have a few.
So todays post is about a very fun and creative way of styling your own storage bag, I was very kindly sent a Jumbo Washbag from the lovely people at Clippy london.

Warning lots of photos to show off this lovely washbag!


Clippy started off being made on a kitchen table by Calypso Rose known as Clippy by her friends, she wanted to display her love of polaroid photos on a bag! Genius idea ♥
After a lot of attention and people stopping Calypso she put 250 bags into production and within a month they all sold out!
Helena Bonham Carter and Jools Oliver are amongst the celebs who have been spotted using Clippy.


So now for the exciting part, decorating your washbag is super easy thanks to Clippy you can download free background patterns here.
Sticker Bit Kits are also available which are so cute, there are heaps of different designs you can pick from to help decorate your background papers. I was sent Rub a Dub and Pink Flowers Fabric kit which I thought was great, they have tiny adhesive stickers on the back making it quick and easy to use.
I love the Clippy logo and gold & pink triming around the bag, the washbag is very sturdy and of good quality.

The jumbo washbag is made up of 12 photo pockets, this is where you slot your made up tile.

The washbag is so roomy! After decorating the bag I thought it was a shame to put this in a drawer until I need it so I am now storing my daily skincare in the bag and displaying the bag on my side unit which is nice. My friends and family have comented on it loads, these would make great presents.

Ok so would you like to see the end result... ta da ♥

What do you think? I loved adding the ribbon and tulle on the zip loop and also added a keyring which my son bought me for Mothers Day last year.

If this jumbo washbag doesn't appeal to you ( hope it does ) then pop over to Clippy and see all the other designs and sizes of bags as well as stationary and brollies are available.
You can also buy liners for the bags, I'm thinking the red polka dot lining would look fab in the handbags and then St.Tropez Sticker kit to add some embellishments and this would make a fab beach bag!

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  1. Oh that is sooo cute - I have bought a couple of clippy bags before and they are fab - I bet they do lots more items now

  2. I HAVE a Clippy bag! A small one. In fact I have 2.

    I haven't decorated mine, but boy do I feel bang on trend :-)


  3. I saw those before, as purses. I wasnt keen on the idea, but as a washbag, I think its nice!

  4. I bought one of the magazine bags and wish i'd of got this instead! x

  5. so cute! i love your addition to it.

  6. wow this is gorgeous, didn't realise you can get specially designed inserts - I'm not particularly creative & that's always put me off these before :)

  7. Thanks ladies, I had so much fun making the inserts!x

    @Rachael yes you can design your own inserts to fit inside the bags :) x


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