Tuesday 11 January 2011

NOTD using Barry M Instant Nails

Hello cherubs this is a quick post today, I know I'm a little late on the Barry M instant nails but I finally got my hands on this the other week at my Boots. I have seen many nail combos using this and I decided to go for a Nails Inc polish in Maida Vale a pretty peach bronze colour.

I must admit I was a little unsure what to expect when applying the Instant Nails, I found that you have to be generous and be quick! If you apply a thin coat then it dries super quick and you dont get the dark black colour which your after. Not bad for a first attempt eh?

I like this combo, it works so well with my new skull ring which I adore!

I was lucky to snap this gem up for £5 from the Asos winter sale. I got the Medium size which is perfect ♥ It is silver and encrusted with lots of beautiful peach coloured stones.

Thanks for stopping by :) I would love to know what colour combos you use with Instant Nails??


  1. I must dig out my instant effects, Ive only used it once and its been forgotten about! You did a good job hun, love it!

    Love your ring too. Im not a jewellery wearer, I wish I was though when I see pieces like that. It looks so nice on you, but I just can't get used to jewellery lol.


  2. @Jo thanks hun, I enjoyed using them. I think this works really well on certain colours but other shades not so well. Im think a nice lemon/mint/peach/lilac shades be nice combo. I'm rubbish with jewellery aswell hun, I never know what to wear with my clothes. I have a few staple pieces which go with almost everything. x

    @CommunicatingBeauty Thanks hun! x

  3. wow instant nails looks really good on you!i never thought much of it before but you've tempted me into buying it x

  4. ahhh i love this! Know what i'll be buying next pay day :)

  5. so obsessed with instant effects! seeing your post has made me wanna go grab it & use it again! love the combo hun, it looks just incredible on metallic shades, I used mine on gold before, did a post on it :) a skull ring has been on my wishlist for the longest time! may check to see if they have any left... ;)

    Aysh xoxo


  6. I really wish I could track this down. Might enquire about it in my local boots and see if they'll ever have it!!!!

  7. I am in love with that skull ring. I want one! :)
    I really like the colour of that Nails Inc polish. I don't usually like those crackle effect polishes but this one actually looks really nice on your nails.

  8. I've seen sooo many posts about the instant effects polish but I think this has to be my favourite colour combo; thanks to the peachy shade with the black it actually looked like leopard print when it first caught my eye :)

    Really like the skull ring. Dont you just love ASOS? There are so many bargains I have to avoid the site cos I never fail to spot something I want ♥

  9. your skull ring is gorgeous! :)


    Also got you an award on my blog! : D Hope u like it!

  11. Hi Sherrie! I love the colour you chose for underneath the nails effect! I actually have the nails effect on now, myself, and I have this really nice pink underneath! Hoping to blog about it soon...
    Thanks for a lovely post!
    Bex XxX


  12. This is actually the first post that I've thought I could like the Barry M Instant effects polish.

    Really goes with the Nails Inc nail polish and doesn't look cheap!

    Also loveee that ring :)

    Fee x

  13. @Thanks everyone for your comments, This is my fav nail combo at the moment and love it! x


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