Saturday 8 January 2011

Nail Look 2 Leopard Print

Following on from my recent Party Nails tutorial, if you missed that then you can catch up here.

I wanted to keep the nail art inspiration flowing and so decided to try the ever popular leopard print design, I used 3 polishes. MeMeMe (Vivacious) as the base colour, and then ELF Desert Haze as the coloured spot and then ELF Black for the leopard print markings.

I am by no means a nail expert to say the least, but I have made it my new years resolution to be be brave and try new designs. This print has been featured on many blogs and I know you would've all seen it. I'm not sure If I'm meant to use the black polish first and then fill in the centre? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Like I said, Nail Art is new to me!

Ok here goes...
Step 1

Apply 2 coats of MeMeMe Vivacious.

Step 2

Then find a scrap piece of card ( I used a leaflet ) and you need a dotting tool, funnily enough I used a double ended Crochet needle! Ha ha the things you find in a kitchen drawer, mine is like Mary Poppins handbag.

I dabbed some of ELFs Black polish on the leaflet and using my dotting tool I made 'c' like shapes and little dashes on the nail.

Step 3
Once you have applied all the leopard print marks to all your nails let them dry.

Using ELFs Desert Haze I dabbed a bit on the leaflet and then using the dotting tool I dabbed some in the middle of the circle 'c' that I made.

Step 4

Then to finish off once dry apply a top coat of your choice!

Optional Step 5

A few days after doing this, I swatched ELFs Glitter Glam I thought this would look fab over the top of Desert Haze. So if you had a clear glitter polish this would work just aswell!

So I tried it out and took a pic, please excuse the small chips as this photo was taken some days after the inital look was created.

Thanks for stopping by :)


  1. Great tutorial, really easy to follow. Looks fab hun xx

  2. Nicely done :-) and easy to follow along!

  3. I LOVE leopard print nails! Oh my the unlimited opportunities you can have with colors and finishes : D

  4. Nails looks so pretty, looks so easy to do the way you have shown here!

  5. fantastic tutorial huny, thank you so much for doing this! I so wanna go more adventurous with my nails now & am loving the leopard print! My only worry is I'm right handed...I'll probably mess up creating a design with my leftie! ;)

    Aysh xoxo

  6. Amazing! I wish I could do something like this. Its hard enough for me just to paint my

  7. Aw I really like it! I think I need to be more adventurous when trying designs too so this is perfect. I'll have to try this soon!

  8. wow, this is so cute! You made it look so easy, thank you so much for this tutorial!

    xo, Jay

  9. Awesome post and I love the end result! I used to really dislike leopard print but I'm not sure why? For some reason it's really grown on me over the last year or two and now I absolutely adore it. Particularly like the colours you've gone for - it's so pretty but seriously eye catching too :)


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