Thursday 27 January 2011

New Batiste Coloured Dry Shampoo

I know you probably have seen a few of these reviews but wanted to share with you my thoughts on the product. For those of you who have not yet read about these I shall reveal more! Batiste have released a new range of coloured Dry Shampoos tailored to your hair colour. Ok there are only 3 shades BUT they are very versatile.

♥£2.99 ( 150ml )♥

The shades available are-

Light and Blonde Hair
Medium and Brunette Hair
Dark and Deep Brown Hair

So which one do you fall under? Well if you follow me then you'll know I have chocolate coloured hair with a hint of red. I have the Medium and Brunette can and think this is perfect for me. I really like the look of the packaging and the design of the hair interwining on the can, it reminds me of a 70s fashion design print I have.

I was very impressed with the colour pay off, and this honestly covered my hair well. I was a little disappointed in the scent and it didn't really smell as I would've hoped. I am still a huge fan of the Brit Dry Shampoo. I was comparing them which I know may be a little unfair as they are totally different, I just feel this does not have the freshness which Brit has.

Here is a photo showing you the colour of the spray, I had to spray a few times because it dries pretty fast. Great colour, and this also claims to disguise stray greys! Well that gets the thumbs up from me, I have a few stray greys which are not yet noticeable to you but I am good at hiding them.

You can pick up your can from Boots, Superdrug and some selected pharmacies.

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  1. Love dry shampoos. And have some greys...I should probably try this!

  2. wow batiiste are really expanding there range!! there have been alot of new scents etc!!

    i like the sound of this!! might try and find the Dark and Deep Brown Hair one !!

    Great post xox

  3. Im definitely going to give the blonde one a try. Someone pointed out that it might help brighten my darker roots. Lets hope it does.
    Hope your baby girl is feeling better Sherrie.


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