Wednesday 26 January 2011

Lush Lush and more Lush!

I often find myself saying oh that smells LUSH and whether or not it is actually a LUSH product I always think of that particular brand. Does anyone else? I have a few goodies which I wanted to share with you and let you know what I think. First up we have the Geo Phyzz Bath Ballistic which smells so good and uplifting which is just what I need with these early mornings and the cold weather oustide! I used this the other evening and it really helped soothe my achey legs from running around all day after 2 little ones! This is certainly one for you parents out there who like to unwind in a bath. Or if your on your feet all day.

Geo Phyzz is made up of sea salt and when fizzing away happily in the bath you can see the gleaming salt crystals falling away from the ballistic. In my Lush Times it says Breathe in the steam as the Sandalwood, pine and cypress oils work to relieve your tired mind and muscles. And relax... ♥ I think that about covers it! Plus this little beauty only sets you back £2.35! Well worth it.

Here are a couple snap shots of Geo Phyzz in action...

The bath water turns a very subtle shade of soft green.

Another product which is new to me is their Emotibombs I have of course seen and read about these. Whenever I'm sent the latest copy of Lush Times I get all excited and read it front to back! I do have showers but I LOVE having baths more. However in the morning when I need to get myself going I have a shower and must admit I struggle getting out of bed some mornings and on this particular morning I thought wait a minute I know what can get me motivated is 'Up you Gets'!

Incase your new to Emotibombs like me then you'll need to know how you use them. Simple place the Emotibomb on the shower floor under the shower water and enjoy the aroma as the Emotibomb fizzes away just like a bath ballistic. These are great if you don't like baths but still want that special treat. Up You Gets contains all the live and kicking (does anyone else remember that from your Saturday morning childhoods?) ingredients you need in the morning. Such as grapefruit, lime and lemon oils, just typing that gets my sour taste buds going all funny!

Here is a snap shot of it in action...

The aroma which evaporates is truly fresh and lemony, and really awakens your senses.

Meet Buffy and no not the vampire slayer but the body slayer! Buffy has become a very good friend of mine. I think this is great a body butter and scrub in one, perfect for when time is not on your hands. Buffy is a buttery lavender scrub and guess what... smells LUSH. I guess you'd already sussed that out lol!

I really enjoy using this and even though at first you may think £5.25 (90g) seems a lot it's not considering this leaves your skin moisturised. So no need to spend time in the morning applying body lotions this does it all for you in the shower or bath.
In my Lush times they describe this as- A hard-core scrubber to rid your bod of dry skin and cellulite! Grab one of these babies for super soft skin scented with a lavender and lemon twist! Packed with ground rice, aduki beans and almonds.

You use Buffy like you would a scrub, wet your skin and the bar and buff away remembering to buff those bumpy bits to get your circulation flowing. I have been using this on what I call my Mummy Tummy and my thighs and my skin feels and looks better.

At first I thought yeah right I'm still going to need to use some body lotion, but I was wrong. Buffy leaves a layer of moisture on the skin which feels soft and supple.

Thanks for stopping by :) Have you tried any of these? What Lush products do you use often?


  1. Ive only just got into Lush products but Im loving them! Buffy looks great! xx

  2. Im craving some LUSH at the moment, but with the website down and the my nearest stores being too far, I relied on online shopping. I doubt I'll ever shop online with them again though, after what happened and my card being hacked :(


  3. @Mybutter63 Buffy is fab! x

    @Jo Oh no I read about the site being hacked, my store is so close to where I live so I'm lucky. Have they sorted it out now for you? Did you get your order then? I don't blame you hun. x

  4. The Geo Phyzz sounds good - especially after a full day at work as I'm on my feet all day.


  5. My fav. is the creamy candy bubble bar, gives you lots of lovely bubbles and the cocoa butter leaves your skin feeling soft. The fragrance compliments rock star soap too.
    I recently bought dragon's egg to try which is lovely and citrusy. I always break my bath bombs in half as I find a full one too much.

  6. I love LUSH. Always wanted to try the Geo Phyzz because Ive heard its good for sore muscles but they don't sell it in Canada at the LUSH stores. I tried Buffy but thought it dissolved too quickly. My favourites are the melting marshmallow moments bath melt, the butterball bathbomb and cinders bath bomb.

  7. Hehe just recently did a LUSH post too, love the stuff! Am a bubble bar fanatic! The buffy looks really nice? I swear by the Honey I Washed the Kids soap, really yummy! But may give this a try many things yet to try!

    Aysh xoxo

  8. i am really loving lush at the moment,
    you should try the dream time bath melt,it smells devine also the massage bars are great.
    i want to buy it all when i go in store :)

  9. I so wish I had a bath instead of just a shower... I don't think even a mountain of emotibombs could save me from that longing :-)


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