Saturday 6 November 2010

Liz Earle Instant skin tonic & Skin Repair Review

Wow!! That's all I really need to say about this, but for all my lovely followers I will digress some what further.
I'm sure many if not all of you have heard of Liz Earle if you haven't then your seriously missing out. I suggest you tinkle on over to their website.
I have been using their award winning Cleanse & Polish for a few weeks now and love this more everytime I use it. Incase you missed it you can read my review on this here.

200ml £11.50

Liz Earle recommends after using the Cleanse & Polish you use Instant Skin Tonic this smells amazing an intoxicating aroma of rose, geranium, lavender and sweet orange. If I could bottle up this scent I would so wear this as a fragrance I LOVE it!! Rose scented products/fragrance happen to be my ultimate favourites.

Instant Skin Tonic is suitable for all skin types which is another bonus so this can be shared in the family, that's if you want to share it ha ha!
The bottle has a twist cap which once twisted clockwise releases a small nozzle where the tonic is ready to apply. I use a small cotton ball and moisten this and then I'm ready to sweep over the face and neck. Be careful because only a little tonic is needed.
The tonic comes in various sizes which is always great when your travelling and prefer a smaller bottle to travel with.

What's so special about this toner is the fact it is non-drying. So many toners once applied to the face can instantly make the skin feel tight and uncomfortable which I know this can be part of the process for the toners to close/tighten the pores but for some people this can feel uncomfortable and may put them off using a toner.
This is not the case, as when applied to the face the tonic leaves a thin layer of moisturiser which infact leaves the skin soft and comfortable ready for your moisturiser which leads me onto my next product, Skin Repair.

50ml £17.25!!!

Firstly I can not believe the price of Skin Repair, this is great especially for all of us. I have been using this religiously everyday for just over 2 wks day and night. I love the difference I have seen in my skin, my skin looks healthier, softer and I can start to see a little glow in my skin which is what I have been wanting for a while now. I think my skin has found its perfect partner. I have the Normal/Combination one, the other types include Oily/Combination which is a lotion and alot lighter and also there is one for Dry/sensitive skins.

What I love about Skin Repair is the smell and the texture, the smell is soft and natural which I like rather than some moisturisers have a horrible fragrant scent which is more like a perfume if that makes sense? The texture is perfect for myself creamy yet not too heavy for my skin, the moisturiser glides onto and into the skin whithout leaving any oily residue. You can see the from the photos below.

This is roughly how much I use, you don't need alot of this moisturiser a little goes along way...

As you can see.

Liz Earle really is a step above all the rest! I would love to try their exfoliator and maybe their eye products. Being a busy mummy on the go all the time and with a new baby my poor eyes take the brunt of it. What would you like to try?

Have you tried Liz Earle? I would love to know what you've tried and your thoughts.

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These products were sent to me by PR which in no way effects my opinion and is an honest review based on my personal experience. I was NOT paid for this review.


  1. Great review hun, i adore liz earle as well. I use the light moisturiser as my skin is a little oily and its brilliant too. x

  2. I haven't tried any of the Liz Earle stuff, but I might have to make the leap soon! I don't take care of my skin the way I should, so in the New Year I'm gonna start doing so as one of my resolutions that I might actually keep! LovelyGirlieBits


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