Monday 8 November 2010

Latest goodies

Ok I have been meaning to share with you my most recent bargain and new love!!

LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE.... you get the picture? lol

My new make-up bag thanks to River Islands sale which they had a little while ago.
I tried a few bits on but really couldn't spend much as I'm trying to save up for my little christmas shopping trip coming soon.
Asoon as I saw this little gem I knew I had to have it. I literally did a baywatch run through the store to land my hands on it!! Luckily for me I didn't trip else that wouldv'e not been cool. Unfortunatley thanks to my OCD when buying items this one had a mark on it and I tried to brush it off but it was not budging. However because I loved it that much I thought I would take it home and with all my potions I'm sure a little vanish would shift it. Whilst walking to the tills to pay I saw one all on it's own and did another Baywatch run to it and yay it was perfect!

What do you think? Not bad for £7 hey? This was originally £16.99!! So I got a bargain.

I love the gold studs and even the mini matching gold stud on the zip!
I love the colour and pattern who doesn't love unicorns right? I'm a girly girl so this is so me. The quilting texture is great and the shape and size is fab! This had cute pinstripe lining aswell as a mini pocket and mini River Island metal tag.

Clinique had another bonus time recently in Debenhams and as you know my lovely Mother in law uses Clinque and so she gave me here freebies which she doesn't use and this is what I got. The moisturisers are a whooping 30ml each and I checked online and a 50ml bottle costs £15 so thanks mum.

Avons calling... I bought the New Ultra Colour Rich Rose Gold lipstick in 'Luxurious Blush'. This particular lipstick had me smitten when I read that it's infused with real 24K gold for instant sparkle. What was even better was the half price tag! The nailwear Pro was also half price and I picked 'Green with Envy' I must admit the polish is really dissapointing, the polish is very 'Wishy washy' has anyone else found this? I will try upload some swatches soon. I've just made another order for their new Glittery colours and lipstick so will share them with you once I recieve them.

This is really pretty and reminds me slightly of Rimmels Airy Fairy which is great because Airy Fairy is only avaliable in the US :( hate it when companies do that!!! Argh so annoying!

Giveaways which I have been lucky enough to win recently have been really great here is a mixture of what I have won. Please note this is NOT all from one person but in fact 3.

I also have heaps more to share with you this week so please keep popping back because I have my H&M haul which I want to share with all of you, plus I popped into Topshops sale the weekend and picked up some jewellery items in the sale which were fab prices!!!

Thanks for stopping by :) Would love to know what your latest buys and bargains have been?

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