Sunday 21 November 2010

H&M, Topshop & TKmaxx

Evening my lovelies, I just wanted to share with you some latest goodies which I got from H&M. A while back in the summer H&M ran a twitter competition which ran for 1 week and each day you had to be the first 100 to re-tweet a message when they put it up. It was so difficult and caused a lot of up roar but luckily for me on the last day I was lucky enough to win a £100 gift card and this is what I got. I actually went over the £100!! opps!




I bought this dress for my hubbys 30th party coming up soon, it's so pretty to wear on its own or with this belt. I love the detailing on the dress, the ruffles are so pretty and feminine.

Not sure whether I'm going to wear this with the dress or not?? ummmmmm



This was the last one and asoon as I set my eyes on it, I had to have it. This is a big sized scarf which I love you can do lots with it.



I saw this on a great blog I follow I'm sure you all know the lovely Bubblegarm. Asoon as I walked into my H&M store this was displayed at the front and I loved it. It's so nice and casual perfect for the winter. They also have a soft colours in the same style such as creams, coral/pink colours.

I so needed to re-organise my skincare and just wanted the products out which I am currently using so I found this lovely storage basket in my local TKMaxx for £1.99. Happy days!

I popped into Topshop over the weekend and was lucky to pick up these little great finds! All for £6!! I couldn't believe it.

Priced £2 but got to till and it was down to £1

£3 and worth very penny! I love wearing this with my mink/mauve top pictured above. These looks nice with most tops though, and have had a few comments on it!

Priced £2, I love Owls or anything with a bird on so was lucky to find this hanging all on its own in the non-sale section. Someone must have left it there, thank you whoever you are!

Thanks for stopping by :)


  1. i've been eyeing up the owl necklace for ages! and the top with the ruffles is so beautiful! x

  2. Lucky you to win the £100 gift card- jealous much ;)

    Love the grey dress, just something I'd wear.

    I have given you an award on my blog:

  3. @Communicatingbeauty Thanks for the comment :) I LOVE anything which has owls or birds but latest love is skulls! A bit of a change hey? lol x

    @Cheeky Beauty Thanks hunnie!!! popping over :) x


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