Sunday 10 October 2010

Who's a Rebel??

Well I can safely say at school I wasn't really a Rebel, but nowadays I so am!! I'm always buying when I shouldn't ha ha. Sshhhh!!! Don't tell the hubby ;)

So I was very Rebelious last night and decided to give the Rebel Nails a go. If you haven't heard of these before then pop over and check them out there are heaps of designs for fingers and toes!

I was kindly sent a few designs to try,

And decided to try out the Tattoo design for your toes and here is how I got on...


And After....

What do you think?
Funny because this morning after a bath I was unsure what the state they would be in afterwards but suprisingly they look just as good as they did last night.
I must admit they were a little tricky and I think with more time you can perfect the technique.

Rebel Nails can be applied over natural, gel or acrylic nails and instantly transforms your fingertips/toes for that eye-catching look!
They are self-adhesive and flexible, and once you master the technique they become easier and quicker to apply. In your pack you get a template card which is clear and this helps you choose the right size for your nail. They are easily removed by just peeling them off!

On the back of your pack you have step by step instructions.

Or if your like me and more of a visual learner then check out their YouTube video here!

You can buy these online, prices range from £4.99- £7.99 depending on the colour, finish and design that you pick. They often have special sale prices so keep an eye out.

Have you used Rebel Nails before?

Thanks for stopping by :)


  1. They are lovely!

    Princess Juicy T ♥

  2. so cool great nails!
    come follow xoox

  3. They look gorgeous, my darling! You are so lucky to be sent those ones to try!
    Great blog, I am following it now.

  4. Oh sherrie im soooo jealous..i am dying to get my hands and nails on these..they look awesome xx


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