Saturday 9 October 2010

My Lush goodies...

I was very lucky to be sent some Lush vouchers from some very special friends and this is what I bought...

Who wants to see what's in the bag???

DRUM ROLL................... TA DAAAAA

Fresh Face mask in Oatifix this is my first fresh face mask from Lush, I'm going to try it tonight so keep an eye out for the post. I wanted to try a mask because this is the only part of my skincare routine which I neglect. I always Cleanse/tone/moisturise and exfoliate every2-3 days but as for other treatments I'm lazy! Which is a shame because on the rare ocassion when I do apply a face-mask I really enjoy it and feel like im pampering myself. Come on lets face it what mummy doesn't hey? My skin is on the drier side at the moment thanks to the central heating so thought Oatifix can fix that for me so to speak.

Talking of dry skin leads me onto my next products, massage bars Therapy & their new christmas massage bar Once a Year. This one smells divine, Lush describe it as a Boozy Bubblegum massage bar this is only out for christmas so if you like the sound then pop and grab one QUICK! They are really reasonable priced at £3.95 whereas Therapy is £5.65. Also because I bought 2 massage bars I got one of there storage tins for free! Yipeeeee....

Who loves Angel Delight? I do yummy strawberry flavour, well this is what I think of every time I see Angel's Delight which in fact smells of Jelly beans and is another Limited Edition christmas product. In the shop the whole bar is beautiful there is a gold moon ontop of the soap but unfortunatley I wasn't lucky enough to have a piece with this ontop :( BUT fret not I will be popping back in because this wont last me long!

Next up is Summer Pudding and I bought this after reading Lollipop Loves review on it, and she said how sweet it smelt so I thought I would have a look and when I saw it in the shop it looked so pretty and smelt lovely and creamy.

Snow Fairy is back so I picked up a bottle originally the 250g but the sales assistant soon changed my mind and I grabbed the bigger 500g bottle. Partly because it is better value for money but also the fact that it's only out for christmas makes it that extra special so better to be stocked up right?

I also picked up another couple of goodies from their christmas range, good old Candy Cane bubble bar. I tried this last year and loved it so had to pick up another. Sugar Plum Fairy is their newest scrub and crumbles like mad, they recommend you pop it in a pot and just take a walnut size crub. When I took my basket of goodies up to the till the assistant said to crumble a part on the hand and then squeeze some Snow Fairy ontop and use it together, he said it softens the exfoliator and makes it more of a gentle scrub but the smell is LUSH! he he love the pun.

Happy Blooming was another item bought recommended by Lollipop Loves, when you read about a product which is so well reviewed it really makes me intrigued to find out more. Plus I love how you can break it into 3 and get 3 uses unlike the other bath melts.

Last but not least Twilight their new bath ballistic this smells and looks amazing. I must admit I am probably the most excited about using this after reading reviews and seeing the photos of the luscious baths fizzing with the vibrant shades of purple and blue.

Have you tried anything from their christmas range?
Thanks for stopping by :)


  1. I haven't bought Lush products in ages! I received their newspaper yesterday and they have so many new products out for Christmas, they all look amazing!

  2. Oohh I think I might pick up snow fairy, I never bothered before but I guess I might as well if it's only available at xmas x

  3. ohhh i love lush!! but i havent bought it a while. i remember they had some gray muddy looking face soap that i used. i love that stuff so much!! though i forgot the name lol.

  4. What a lot of goodies!
    You have a great blog! I've become a follower (^_^)

  5. That is an amazing haul!! I love Lush...
    I have been wanting some Honey I washed the kids for a while, but those soaps look great too!

  6. Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog :)
    I'll definitely be trying the new scrub with some Snow Fairy, I bet it smells amazing! The candy cane bubble bar also looks really nice, it will be lovely to use in a really warm bath when its cold in winter.

  7. Oh great haul lots of goodies!!! I was in there yesterday for ages, choosing what to get, I only ended up getting 2 things candy cane and space girl bath balistic, The angel delight soap looks amazing and I loved the smell!!, I havent tried there soaps yet but I have my eye on that and rock star! xx

  8. ooo lovely haul honey. I am far to interested in LUSH products at the moment hehe xx


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