Thursday 14 October 2010

Sideways Cross Necklace

Morning peeps, I have been itching to share with you my latest Jewellery item. My mum kindly bought me this for the birth of my daughter Isobel. This is the ever popular sideways cross necklace, which I'm sure a few of you are familiar with it.

Thought I would share a recent pic of Isobel and of course I can't leave out my son Oliver.

My mum bought me a lovely silver chunky plain cross when Oliver was born and so I picked this when she said she wanted to buy me another piece of jewellery to mark Isobels birth. I knew right away I wanted this because its such a dainty piece of jewellery and thought this would be perfect as it reminds me of Isobel everytime I wear it. I had seen it before on the very popular Lollipop26 and fell in love asoon as my eyes spotted it.

This is such a dainty delicate feminie piece of jewellery and goes with any outfit. I've already recieved compliments and have been recommending Theresa's Etsy shop Classic Designs. Pop over and have a browse, she produces beautiful jewellery gold and silver finish. I have already spotted another item which I would like to get my hands on the Gold Star necklace.

Heres a pic of me wearing it recently..

What was your recent Jewellery purchase?

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  1. Funnily enought- THAT was my most recent jewellery piece too :-D
    I don't wear it enough actually, as it's so delicate I keep worrying I'll break it.

    Funny thing is, whenever I wear it, I have numerous people trying to straighten the cross, thinking it's not supposed to be sideways hehe!

    Lovely, and your kids are beautiful aaw :)

  2. What a gorgeous necklace it looks lovely on you x

  3. I love this necklace but it looks so dainty and delicate i'd be afraid of breaking it - or the more likely situation, my 1yr old yanking it from my neck!
    Your children are so cute xxx

  4. I want one of those necklaces so bad, and Sherrie your children are sooooo cute xxx

  5. I have this! I love it, it looks gorgeous on you! x


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