Tuesday 12 October 2010

Illamasqua & Ciate polishes

My Asos order arrived over the weekend and it was super quick considering their sale at the moment. I was lucky enough to order Illamasquas Bronzing duo in Glint & Burnish, this is now sold out and I'm not suprised because it was only £12.50 normally £20. This is my first Illamasqua product so sorry for the tons of photos! For me Illmasqua conjures up a magical fantasy, I love their interpretation of make-up and they way they use it. They take cosmetics that step further and whenever I visit their website I just want to delve into my make-up collection and play with my eyeshadows.

The compact is lovely and great quality I'm happy there is a mirror as this makes all difference when your on the go and just want to touch up your make-up.

Both colours are very pigmented so only a little is needed, Glint is the lighter of the two and is used for a highlighter whereas burnish is darker and brilliant for face contouring.

I had a little play with this compact asoon as it arrived, excuse the mummy eye bags, my 4 month old has decided to wake up in the night for an extra night time feed and my eyes aren't taking to it that well!!

So what do you think? Have you tried this bronzing duo? I need to do another post comparing this to Sleeks contour kit.

Also added on my order were a few Ciate polishes which are sold out and again I'm not suprised and very lucky that I managed to get my hands on these. They were only £1 yes a £1 they were originally £6 so this is super savings! I picked up 4 out of the 5 colours, the other colour was a bright orange ( Olivia ) which didn't apeal to me personally, maybe a good toe colour? Or good for the Halloween season!

L-R Blake/Megan/lauren/Lily

Sweet or what? These bottles are so cute especially with the little bow! They look to good to be stored away in a box somewhere and so they are displayed on my rose storage unit now. The colours are so different from anything I have ever tried before. They give a nice coverage, and dry pretty quickly I have swatched them using 2 coats.

So were you lucky enough to pick up any of these cute polishes?

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  1. Those polishes are lovely- gutted i missed out on them!

  2. Lovely colours, I really like the look of Lily. I love the colour orange but don't know how it will look on my nails so will have to see, hope mine come soon! Only have two though :(

  3. the polished are so incredibly cute! i like happy colors :)

  4. omg love the nail polishes. they are so colorful!! and so bright!!!

  5. Gorgeous shadow. I would love to try some of their eyeshadows in the future.


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