Wednesday 6 October 2010

Full review of Angela Langford

Evening my lovelies, a little while ago I blogged about Angela Langfords natural skincare samples you can find this post here. I know I did a mini review but now I have actually used them up I can give a more in depth review.
Angela kindly sent me another 3 samples for review purposes and I thoroughly enjoyed using these samples. I strongly suggest if you haven't already registered on Angelas website then pop over you wont be disappointed!

I originally sampled Scrub Up, Perfect Pores & Balanced/Beautiful facial oil, all of these I would recommend. Scrub Up is a very gentle exfoliator so if you favour a more abrasive scrub then this is probably not for you. However you can still feel the Jojoba grains working their magic. I enjoyed using this scrub and if you like a nice gentle exfoliator then I would suggest you give this a try. Its jam packed of pure natural ingredients such as Papaya extract, Jojoba oil, Cypress & Neroli water aswell as Rose petals. The scrub is availbale in a 50ml and costs £15.80.

Next up I tried 'Perfect Pores' face serum for Normal Combo/Oily skins, this really impressed me and I actually started to notice the pores on my nose get smaller. Angela has concocted up another magic potion and is a must on my Xmas list!! This serum comes in a 30ml if only it came in a bigger size :( and costs £26.55

The facial oil has made such a difference on my skin and I can really notice the difference it has made. The smell is divine thanks to the Kiwi & Rosehip, again this has become a favourite of mine and would love a full size!! It comes in a 30ml bottle with pipette applicator allowing you to get the most out of the bottle.

Then I was interested to try 'Sweet Cheeks' cleanser and face serum 'A little Lift' which is for dry/dehydrated skins. My skin is more on the normal side with pores on my nose and chin and I may get the odd blemish but I do get dry tight cheeks and wanted to try this. Angela added in her 'Bright Eyes' cream also.

Sweet cheeks is a nice non-foaming cleanser which is very gentle on the skin, I personally prefer a foaming cleanser. I think theres something about a foaming cleanser cleaning the skin, for me it feels like its really doing the right job. However for me I need and prefer using a cleanser which also removes eye-makeup. Maybe this could be the next new product for Angelas collection?
How about the name 'Twice as Nice' a cleanser & eye-makeup remover?? Sweet Cheeks is avaliable in 100ml and costs £15.45.

Anyway sorry I got carried away then ha ha!!

Back onto the review...
Bright eyes smells amazing Im not sure what the ingredient is but there is something in this which sends my head spinning in a good way! It reminds me of an aromatherapy day spa, it seriously smells that good! Angela says this product may bring a slight tingle to your eye area, however I did not experience this mind you it sounds nice! Bright eyes is available in 15ml and costs £17.45 a very affordable eye-cream.

And lastly but by no means least 'A little lift' face serum, this has made such a difference to my skin. I know this because I recently reviewed/tried a new Cleansing oil which left my skin dry and angry! After using this particular cleansing oil my cheeks literally felt like sand paper! And thank god for Angelas 'A little lift' which gave my skin back the hydration it needed. I was lucky to have a couple applications left in my samples to help get my skin back to normal.

So this is why I recommend Angelas products because not only are they natural and contain top notch ingredients they also help treat skin.

My favs have to be..
Perfect Pores
Balanced & Beautiful
A little Lift

Keep an eye out for Angelas offers, they are really good and not to be missed.
Have you tried any of these samples? What did you think?

Thanks for stopping by :)

This is my own review based on my own experience with the products mentioned above
I have not been paid for this review and my thoughts are my own honest opinions.

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  1. Great review sherrie...i love angels products....given my list to partner


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