Monday 6 September 2010

Winner of 'Get it first'

I was really excited to recieve this and have used it every day since getting it!!

I love how the brush comes with its own handy case. The brush serves as two purposes, the angled end is perfect for contouring the face while the other end is rounded and ideal for highlighting.
This retails at £6.99 normally but for a limited time only you can purchase the brush and the contour kit for £8.00!! Hurry hurry hurry!!!

The contour kit retails at £5.99 it has a step by step guide enclosed which is really helpful and useful. I have LIGHT the kit also comes in MEDIUM & DARK.

And now for the swatches sorry for the poor quality the light was fading away :(
The compact contains 2 powders, the darker one is used to sculpt and define the face/jaw line and cheekbones. Whereas the lighter powder is for highlighting parts of the face such as the apples of the cheeks the temple blended into the hairline and the tip of the nose. This helps reflect those parts of the face and create a natural-looking luminosity.

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  1. I so want this! But I'm not going to have spare money until next year!
    I actually wish I won this instead of the brush kit as I would use it more haha

  2. Ha ha Louise I REALLY wanted the brush kit as I have a very sad and non-existent brush collection :( im hoping they will hold another one!! x

  3. Haha so cool, I've never seen a brush like this :D


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